In case you missed it: Power Up webinar series: Being your own authentic self



In case you missed our recent live webinar, you can watch it back here.

Ever felt like you have to adopt a different persona at work?

Sometimes it can feel like a lose-lose for women – we’re often judged for demonstrating too many classically ‘male’ behaviours and penalised for being too stereotypically ‘female’.


So how can you develop a style that is true to your own self and principles?

Join SheCanCode as we discover how authenticity can drive success, foster inclusion, and empower your career.

 Learn from inspiring speakers, Angela Bishop, CEO, Zühlke UK; Caterina Malfe, Associate Product Manager, Foundry; Amanda Smyth, Developer, Maven Securities; and Heather Delaney, Transatlantic Entrepreneur, Tech Expert, MD and Founder of Gallium Ventures, who have harnessed the power of authenticity in the workplace.

Don’t miss the chance to be true to yourself while excelling in your career journey.


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