How training courses can give people of all backgrounds a route into tech

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One of the fundamental reasons for the growing skills gap in the tech industry is the lack of diversity and underrepresentation of certain groups, including women.

However, the Industry Outlook 2023 report by CompTIA showed that due to the impact of global events, businesses are becoming far less constrained by geographic reach and language barriers. One benefit of this is that the hiring pool for tech roles has become larger, as it is no longer bound to tech-hub cities. To help close the tech skills gap and diversify the workforce, training courses that prepare underrepresented groups for employment in technology roles are vital.

Tracy Pound, Chair of the Board of Directors at CompTIA, looks at how such training programmes can give people of all backgrounds, the opportunity to find a career in the tech industry and the benefits of this.


As a result, many women report feeling hesitant or intimidated to enter the tech industry. However, by enrolling in training courses specifically designed for women in tech, they can find a community of like-minded individuals, foster mentorship opportunities, and build a strong professional network. Such courses create a safe space where women can freely express themselves, ask questions, and gain confidence in their abilities – all of which are beneficial when it comes to job applications. 

These training courses further enable women to acquire comprehensive technical skills that are in high demand in the tech industry such as programming languages, cybersecurity, data analytics, and cloud computing.

By gaining proficiency in these areas, women can enhance their career prospects and become competitive candidates for various tech roles.

It is essential for women to look for training courses that offer hands-on experience and practical projects, as they provide valuable real-world application opportunities.

 When it comes to looking for the right courses, there are several considerations. In addition to technical skills, training courses can also focus on developing essential soft skills, such as communication, teamwork, and problem-solving. These skills are vital for success in any professional environment. Individuals should look for courses that offer workshops or modules specifically dedicated to soft skill development which will enhance their technical prowess and equip them with the interpersonal abilities needed to excel in collaborative tech teams.

When considering training courses, it is also crucial to choose reputable and recognised institutions or platforms. Women should seek courses that offer industry-recognised certifications upon completion, as these credentials hold significant value in the job market. Additionally, seek courses that provide ongoing support and resources, such as access to online communities, webinars, or career services.

These resources can be invaluable for networking, seeking mentorship, and staying updated on industry trends.

Localised training courses can also play a crucial role in attracting and retaining women in the tech industry by addressing community-specific barriers and challenges they may face. Programmes such as Tech Discovery, a four-week training course in Lancashire, and Cyber Ready, a retraining course in West Yorkshire, are designed to be more accessible to women by offering training in their local communities which not only eliminates geographical barriers but reduces the need for extensive travel or relocation, allowing women to balance their personal and professional commitments. 

Once enrolled, take full advantage of the learning opportunities provided by training courses. Be proactive in participating, engaging with instructors and fellow learners, and seeking additional resources beyond the course curriculum. For example, CompTIA has many resources to help female workers support each other and provide guidance to advance their careers and businesses, including the Advancing Women in Technology Interest Group. Remember that learning is a lifelong journey, and training courses serve as a solid foundation to kickstart a career in the tech industry.

By investing in training courses tailored for women, we can empower more women to join and thrive in the tech field.

With the right skills, knowledge, and support, women can shatter barriers, contribute their unique perspectives, and make significant strides in the ever-evolving world of technology.




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