How to showcase soft skills on your tech cover letter

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The tech industry is highly competitive. As the number of talented candidates continue to grow, standing out in your job search demands more than just technical competence.

Your unique mix of soft skills, which reflect your compatibility with a company’s culture, can make the difference between securing an interview or being overlooked.

If you’re struggling to land opportunities despite having the right qualifications, writing a cover letter is greatly beneficial for emphasising your unique soft skills beyond your resume. Eva Chan from Resume Genius explores how you can highlight your soft skills and create a compelling tech cover letter that employers can’t ignore.

Eva is a Senior Content Specialist and Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) at Resume Genius. With a background in education management and a passion for the tech and UX industry, Eva enjoys providing guidance on crafting impactful applications and equipping professionals with the tools they need to achieve success in their job search.


Before going ahead and adding a bunch of random skills to your cover letter, research is key. Your outstanding customer service skills won’t have much impact if the company’s priority is to hire someone with good time management. 

There are several ways to discover the specific needs of your employer and what they desire in an employee: 

  • Study the job description: Job descriptions usually hold clues, but many people fail to look at them in detail. Highlight any soft skills mentioned and and try to decode any that are implied.
  • Check the company’s ‘About’ page: This page often provides insights into the company culture, so read it and tailor your letter to align with their values.
  • Browse through press mentions: Look for external media coverage about the company. Blog posts or press mentions can provide a deeper understanding of the company’s values.

If you’re still unsure, make yourself aware of the most sought-after soft skills in today’s tech field. According to recent HR industry insights, employers highly value soft skills such as:

  • teamwork and collaboration
  • communication
  • critical thinking
  • problem-solving
  • adaptability
  • interpersonal abilities
  • project management skills


Your opening statement is your initial chance to grab a potential employer’s attention, so strive for impact.

This statement not only sets the tone for the rest of your cover letter but also provides an excellent opportunity to showcase a soft skill. Aim to present this soft skill in a way that complements your technical experience and aligns with the company’s aspirations.

For instance, if you’re applying to a company that prizes innovation, you might state:

‘As a dedicated software developer with a passion for crafting innovative solutions, I’m thrilled to apply for the Software Engineer position at [Company]. My solid background in coding, paired with my superior teamwork abilities, enabled our lean three-person team to introduce new features and enhance product performance by 30% within just 6 months in my last role’.


A cover letter should be purposeful and persuasive — therefore, style matters. Standout writing demonstrates to a potential employer that you have effective communication skills.

Here are some writing tips to bear in mind:

  • Focus on how your skills benefit the company: Instead of just stating ‘I’m a good communicator’, say, ‘My effective communication skills allow me to promptly present to clients and correct errors in real time, significantly reducing back-and-forth’.
  • Provide specific examples: Instead of generalising with ‘I work well in a team’, use a concrete example like, ‘By working in a close-knit team, we were able to reduce errors by 25%’.
  • Use action-oriented language: Replace passive statements like ‘I was responsible for…’ with more dynamic phrases such as ‘I spearheaded…’, ‘I orchestrated…’, or ‘I advanced…’
  • Choose active voice over passive voice: Instead of saying ‘Errors were reduced by 25’, show you’re a proactive by being direct and writing ‘I decreased errors by 25% through…’
  • Steer clear of generic phrases: Overused clichés like ‘I’m the perfect fit for this position’ or ‘I am a highly motivated professional’ don’t mean anything without proof. Instead, offer specific, real-life examples that demonstrate your skills and motivation.


In the tech industry, where teamwork and collaboration are essential, the ability to understand and manage emotions becomes even more critical. Soft skills like empathy, self-awareness, and relationship management contribute to creating a productive and harmonious work environment.

So illustrate your emotional intelligence in your cover letter by sharing specific instances where you successfully resolved conflicts within cross-functional teams or motivated colleagues to overcome challenges and achieve shared goals.


The rapidly evolving tech world means advancements and innovations occur at a remarkable pace. Professionals in this industry must embrace continuous learning to stay current and stand out against other candidates. 

In your cover letter, highlight your commitment to ongoing learning with concrete examples. You can mention relevant courses or certifications you’ve completed that complement your formal education. Additionally, you can showcase self-taught skills that demonstrate your passion for personal growth and development.

Today, soft skills are a crucial factor for employers when selecting candidates for a role, so don’t make the mistake of leaving them off your CV and cover letter. If you still need further guidance, these samples of cover letters for different situations and experience levels can help you make the ideal letter to easily land your next role.


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