How to find your seat at the table as a female leader in tech



Getting to the top in technology is tough and it's especially tough for women. In the US, women in tech hold less than 28% of leadership positions.

According to a report from PwC, women in the UK make up only 5% of leadership positions. As technology evolves, companies without a diverse tech leadership will lose ground to competitors. 

In this 40-minute session, hosted by SheCanCode, Therese Cypher-Plissart, Software Engineer, Mission Planning at Outrider; Linda Chan, Principal Delivery Lead at Dunelm; and Carole Noutary, Beyond Printer Director at Domino Printing, will discuss what more companies can be doing to encourage more women into tech and more tech females into leadership roles.

Meet our speakers

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Therese Cypher-Plissart, Software Engineer, Mission Planning at Outrider

Therese has a background in Mechanical Engineering. She has always been fascinated by self-driving technology. She started her career doing research on self-driving cars and now works as a software engineer at Outrider on self-driving yard trucks.

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Linda Chan, Principal Delivery Lead at Dunelm

Meet Linda, she works in delivery for Dunelm and is sometimes a party planner. Although many people might assume that she is the one behind the wheel steering the trucks, her true role involves supporting the delivery of complex software projects in the Technology department. She champions healthy team and organisational dynamics, which fuel high-performance delivery. She is like a Post-it note, but unlike those little yellow squares, she won’t let your projects fall apart.

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Dr Carole Noutary, Beyond Printer Director at Domino Printing

Carole was born and raised in the Basque Country in France and studied chemistry at Bordeaux University. After spending 3 years in Japan in post-doctoral positions, Carole moved to the UK where she spent many years developing inkjet technologies within the Fujifilm group. After a spell in the biotech industry at Illumina, Carole returned to the inkjet industry by joining Domino Printing Sciences where she currently works as Beyond Printer Director.


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