How to become a junior developer: a beginners guide



Wondering how you can become a software developer and what the job will involve? Here’s everything you need to know about starting a career as a junior developer.

Have you ever thought of becoming a software developer, but you’re not sure where to start? Junior developers are in demand, your work will be varied, plus it can be flexible and well rewarded when at the right company.

If you’re looking to pursue a career as a developer or enhance your current career as a software engineer, this guide covers everything you need to know.

What is a developer?

A developer is a designer or project manager who can also code. A developer’s role is sometimes confused with a programmer who is a technician that specialises in code. A developer has a wider scope of work compared to a programmer and has to juggle more parts of a project. If you’re looking to start a career as a developer it’s important to know what you could be responsible for.

Developers can also be referred to as software engineers, as they look after many aspects of a project, including the software development process. This can include software design, research, testing, implementation, analysis and more.

Technical skills aren’t all you need to land some of the top software developer roles. Here are just a few of the soft skills employers look for.

What are the different types of developers?    

Developers might choose a specific area such as data science, Artificial intelligence (AI) or game development, however, the sector that is easiest to start in is web development. Here are just a few areas developers can specialise in.

Mobile developers

Mobile developers write applications for smartphones, tablets and several other devices. These types of developers tend to specialise in Android or iOS.

Full-stack developers

A full-stack developer knows how to create and manage both the front and back end of software development. With an understanding of both, full-stack developers are valuable in helping with the end-user experience in the front end and coding any changes to functions in the back end.

After a successful nine years in healthcare, both as a Registered Nurse and a Registered Manager, Taniya Amidon shares how she retrained to become a junior full-stack developer.

UX/UX developers

User experience (UX) or user interface (UI) developers specialise in altering the design of software to make improvements for the end-user. This might involve changing the layout, functionality and frequent testing.

Discover how Ellen transitioned from a role as a visual designer to a UX designer and learn from her own tips and advice on becoming a developer.

DevOps engineers

Senior developers are referred to as DevOps engineers if they have skills in disciplines such as business, IT operations and leadership. DevOps engineers connect the dots between software development and maintenance teams.

With some DevOps certifications and roles in the market, many engineers seem to want to transition into this role but don’t know where to begin. Find out the best place to start if you’re a developer who wants to transition into DevOps.

Where can I train to become a junior developer?

A coding bootcamp is a great place to start your training journey. Bootcamps are highly immersive, short-term programmes with the aim to equip budding junior developers with the necessary skills to start or transition into tech.

Discover our top ten coding bootcamps – specifically web development – found within Europe.

Here are the stories of 10 developers who stayed resilient through a path less traveled.

Career tips and advice for new developers  

Hear it from the ladies who are living it. Below you’ll find a collection of blogs penned by women working as developers.

Here are some valuable career tips from a junior developer at Technology Will Save Us who shares her story as she moved on to her next role in web development.

Hear from a self-taught web/mobile developer discussing ways that she has learned to stand out from the crowd.

Here are the methods that this female software developer wishes she’d known on day one of learning how to code.

When this developer noticed her Pull Request on GitHub included 150 changes for a feature she was for a client project, she took time to reflect on the process and here she shares what it taught her.

Meet the female developers working at some of our partners

Here at SheCanCode, we like hearing stories from women in tech who love their job. Here are just a few of the female developers working at some of our partners.

Tania shares her career journey so far and what life is like as a developer at Paddle.

Join us in getting to know Bethan and discover what made her pursue Data Science in her higher education, why she’s so excited about emerging tech in healthcare and how she became a back-end developer.

Check out the latest junior developer roles on our job board.

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