How tech businesses can revamp their hiring & pay process to encourage more women in tech

Spilling The T - Podcast - Rosa Rolo


Unlock the secrets to revolutionising gender diversity in the tech industry with our latest episode, where Kayleigh Bateman,Content Director at SheCanCode, joins forces with Rosa Rolo, Group Strategy Director at Arrows and Major Group Company.

In an industry that is as fast-paced and influential as technology, the necessity for gender diversity cannot be overstated.

Our latest podcast episode provides an insightful discourse into the state of gender diversity in tech, with Kayleigh Bateman, Content Director at SheCanCode, and Rosa Rolo, Group Strategy Director at Arrows and Major Group Company, at the helm of the conversation. Their dialogue unfolds the stark reality of the gender imbalance within the sector and underscores the urgency for businesses to step up and foster inclusive cultures.

A significant portion of the episode focuses on the startling gender split in tech roles, revealing an 84% to 11% male-to-female ratio. This disparity is not just a number; it represents a fundamental challenge in the way tech companies recruit and compensate. The conversation emphasises the role recruitment plays in not only shaping the tech industry but also influencing societal dynamics. Rosa Rolo’s personal journey and leadership experience offer an authentic lens through which we can understand the barriers faced by women in the industry.

Moreover, the discussion delves into the ethical responsibility companies have in ensuring equitable pay. The podcast highlights a troubling trend—women exiting the tech industry mid-career due to the lack of inclusivity and flexibility. Katie and Rosa stress the importance of not tethering salary offers to past earnings, which perpetuates wage disparities. By sharing success stories and strategies, the episode paints a picture of a tech world where women can flourish professionally while maintaining personal boundaries.

In a world where technology increasingly defines how society functions, it is more critical than ever to have a workforce that mirrors the diversity of the global population. This podcast episode is a testament to the power of change and the importance of gender diversity in shaping an equitable future in technology.


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