Here are the top ten most in-demand US tech jobs in 2022



Developer, cyber security, data science and cloud roles dominate CodingDojo’s list of most in-demand US-based tech roles.

Some tech professionals are seeing greater demand for their roles than others, according to research from coding bootcamp CodingDojo.

CodingDojo scoured the hiring data available for 2022 to reveal the most sort after tech jobs of the year and their salaries. The list was compiled through an analysis of Glassdoor’s 50 Best Jobs in America for 2022.

It classified a tech job as “someone who is a technician and works on building and maintaining hardware, software, and other forms of tech development” and therefore excludes those who simply work in the tech ecosystem or at a tech company.

Taking the ranking of each job that falls under this definition from the Glassdoor list, CodingDojo then counted the current number of Indeed job listings and the projected growth rate given to each role by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Each number was then scaled and standardised. Here is CodingDojo’s top ten.

1.     Information security engineer

CodingDojo describes an information security engineer as, “an information security engineer is a mid to senior-level cybersecurity position that entails building and designing systems that provide security for a company’s network and software.”

According to CodingDojo’s research information, security engineers have multiple years of experience in cybersecurity with Glassdoor stating an average salary of $118,000 for the role.

CodingDojo notes the following skills needed to work in such a role: Linux, UNIX, and Java systems, knowledge of software writing, SSL, SSH and SIEM systems.

2.     Full-stack engineer

CodingDojo notes that software and web developers are always in demand and that companies are searching for the most “well-rounded coders”.

Companies are looking for flexible developers, according to CodingDojo, who can cover different stacks. It stresses the need to learn multiple stacks instead of just one when learning to code.

3.     Data scientist

A role in data science is relatively new and CodingDojo highlights that previously data scientists were expected to “collect, organise and display or present data”, but today “data scientists do all that plus use machine learning to analyse multiple different business decisions for companies.”

According to CodingDojo’s research, entry-level data scientists can expect to earn just under $90,000.

4.     Machine learning engineer

CodingDojo describes a machine learning engineer as “a mid to senior-level data scientist who focuses on the artificial intelligence and machine learning aspect of the job.”

It’s Glassdoor research found that machine learning engineers make just over $110,000 per year on average, with some roles at top companies paying over $300,000.

Skillsets needed for this role include possessing a thorough knowledge of machine learning and being able to work within several different data structures and environments.

5.     Java developer

Widely used in Android mobile apps, desktop applications, smart TVs and more, Java remains a popular programming language by software developers.

CodingDojo notes that according to Salary.com, the median salary for a US-based Java developer is $114,000.

6.     Data engineer

“A data engineer is effectively the person who does the rest of the tasks that a machine learning engineer doesn’t do. A data engineer will make sure data is collected, organized, and funnelling through to the right places. While a data engineer and machine learning engineer are more specialized, a data scientist is essentially a composite of the two jobs,” says CodingDojo.

According to CodingDojo’s Glassdoor research, the average data engineer salary is $115,000 in the US.

7.     Cloud engineer

CodingDojo notes that most companies use Linux for cloud development, so anyone entering this field will need this skillset.

“Ideal programming languages for a cloud engineer to know include MySQL, SWL, Java, Python, and plenty more. A knowledge of AWS is also very helpful,” says CodingDojo.

The average salary in the US is $118,000, according to CodingDojo’s Glassdoor search.

8.     Backend engineer

CodingDojo highlights that “backend engineers spend their time in the nuts and bolts of a website or software, whether they’re building a new product from scratch or improving a legacy software, backend engineers are some of the most coveted computer programmers out there.”

It’s Glassdoor research found that the median pay for a backend engineer in the US is $133,000, “with plenty of roles paying over $200,000”.

9.     Salesforce engineer

“A Salesforce engineer will help companies build and improve Salesforce to specifically tailor it to their CRM needs. They can help integrate third-party apps and fix any bugs that will inevitably pop up,” says CodingDojo.

Skills highlighted by CodingDojo to succeeded in this role include having a knowledge of Java or C#, in addition to “a special Salesforce language” called Apex.

The median salary for this role was found to be $115,000.

10.  Automation engineer

CodingDojo describes this role as someone “who works across engineering teams to find problems and issues and fixes them through automation. An automation engineer will look across a company’s engineering structure to find opportunities for automation, while also continuing to QA new tech shipments and upgrades.”

It recommends that those wanting to move into this role possess some knowledge of automation testing software, such as LambdaTest, Rainforest, and Cypress.

On average, automation engineers make just over $100,000, according to CodingDojo’s research.

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