Closing the software developer gap: Amy Moore, Senior Marketing Manager at develop

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Amy Moore is Senior Marketing Manager at specialist software engineering recruitment agency develop. Recently she spoke with SheCanCode about why software development is a great career choice for women looking to get into tech.

Why should women consider a career as a software developer?

Businesses are now listening to the benefits that gender diversity brings, and the unique benefits that diversity brings to their performance.

software developerTraditionally women haven’t worked in tech because of team culture, gender discrimination, or they were never encouraged to pursue these opportunities from a young age. However, software development is a growing field and demand is only increasing. The career opportunities are endless and the number of vacancies is far greater than the number of Developers, making a career in tech an amazing opportunity not only for women but for anyone.

With remote working here to stay, working in tech also gives individuals flexibility and the ability to fit their work around any additional duties outside of the workplace.

And, finally, anyone can become a Software Developer. There are plenty of routes to entry and you don’t need a degree to secure a new role. There are no limits to who can train as a Developer, so if anyone’s considering becoming a Software Developer, my advice is go for it, the benefits you’ll see from it are endless.

How are companies looking for candidates to diversify their teams? 

Companies may be trying to look but one of the biggest barriers to hiring diverse talent is not knowing where to look. Unfortunately, hiring managers can’t expect diverse candidates to stumble onto their vacancies; they need to engage and entice this talent from different places to where they’ve traditionally been looking.

In looking to diversify their teams, companies should be considering their ‘must-haves’. By that I mean that job descriptions tend to have a prescribed list of skills and experience the company is looking for but each one of these is a barrier to entry when a candidate may have all the necessary experience you’re looking for. So think about what’s essential to the role and what’s ‘nice to have’, because the more barriers to entry you have, the smaller your talent pool becomes.

Companies should also be looking at the language used on their websites, which often features certain words and nuances that lean towards a certain gender. This will influence who’s applying for roles, so make sure the language used is as inclusive and neutral as possible.

What are companies doing to attract and retain software developers?

83% of Gen Z candidates said that a company’s commitment to diversity and inclusion is important when choosing an employer; having a diverse and inclusive company will help you to attract talent.

Companies might think, ‘We don’t have a diverse staff-base so how can we attract diverse talent?’ But a commitment to nurturing an inclusive environment and promoting equal opportunities won’t go unnoticed by candidates.

Once you’ve hired talent into the business it’s important to make sure that you have measures in place to retain candidates. Working to individuals’ needs is one way to support your people, for example by offering flexible working, or enhanced parental leave. Creating a culture of belonging is also key in retaining talent; you want all employees to feel included, accepted and valued – not just tolerated. Employees that feel valued will trust their employer more, and therefore they’ll be more motivated in their work, and their commitment to the business. They will feel more motivated, which increases engagement and performance, therefore enhancing a company’s profits and revenue.

What are the benefits of working in diverse teams?

The business case for diverse teams is well known by everyone, and ultimately a company’s bottom line always benefits. But in terms of employees benefitting from diversity, a diverse environment allows all parties to expand on their skills because of the range of perspectives and ideas that different people bring to the table. Collaboration enhances how teams work, improves creativity and problem solving, and allows for more informed and considered decision-making. Individuals benefit and the company benefits; everyone benefits.




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