Ask SheCanCode Anything: “How to successfully transition your career”

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Are you feeling a bit stuck in your role? Not sure what career path to take? SheCanCode's resident coach, Fiona has got just the advice for you on how to successful transition in your career.

To help us answer this questions is coach, Fiona Hatton.

As a coach, Fiona supports women to live a happier life: through prioritising their wellbeing, doing more of what they love, and focusing on what really matters to them. She has worked with women who’ve gone on to change career, leave a toxic workplace, and make big life decisions about where (and how) they want to live. 

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If you have any questions for us – whether it be about work relationships, gaining confidence, or taking the leap into tech – you can ask us anything.

Hi SheCanCode,

I’ve been working in the tech industry for a few years now, and while I love what I do, I’m starting to feel a bit stuck in my current role. I want to explore new opportunities and maybe even consider a different path within tech. How can I navigate a career transition successfully? And, more importantly, how do I overcome the fear of change and uncertainty?

    Hey there,

    It can be really demotivating when you feel stuck, but noticing that you’re feeling that way is actually really empowering. From what you say, change isn’t always comfortable for you, so let’s work out a plan that will help you to feel a bit more in control of your next steps.

    Why do you want to make a change?

    You love what you do, so I’m wondering what’s driving you to look for something new. It might be that you feel you’ve reached the ceiling when it comes to your current role, or perhaps that you’ve spotted other opportunities that seem more exciting or could lead to bigger things. 

    Knowing what’s behind this feeling can help you to make good choices when deciding your next steps.

    What is important to you?

    This is a really great question to ask yourself whenever you’re considering change or making a big decision. If you know what’s important to you, it’s much easier to see whether a choice is going to take you closer to or or further away from what matters.

    For example it could be that you need to earn more, that you relish a challenge, or that you value a supportive team. Try not to judge yourself as you work through your values, whatever you discover is valid and will help you to feel confident about the decisions you make.

    Which opportunities align with your values?

    Now you know why you want to make a change and what’s important to you, take a look at your current role. With a few adjustments, could it give you what you want? Even in the short term while you look for something else?

    And what other opportunities could take you closer to where you want to be? SheCanCode’s jobs page has really wide-ranging roles to give you an idea of the types of job out there, and the skills and experience they’re asking for.

    What route will you take?

    Once you’ve got a list of ideas and opportunities, take some time to decide which ones fit best. Go back to why you want to make a change and what’s important to you, does that rule out some of them? Consider what’s realistic for you now and what could be a longer term option. And think about what could get in your way, how can you plan around that?

    Change can feel uncomfortable, but by really drilling down into why you want to do something different, plotting your direction and setting your own timeline, you have control. And that’s very powerful. Good luck for whatever you discover!




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