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Entering the tech field may not be an easy thing to do, especially for women. From the outside, tech seems to be a men’s field, but the truth is, it is not. There are a lot of communities out there than can help you enter and excel in the tech field as a woman. This article gives you 6 examples of those communities.

There are different ways one can get into tech. For example, you can decide to go to school and get a degree in any tech branch or save up money and time and attend a Bootcamp that teaches you all you need to know to get a job in tech. Or you can follow the most common approach to get into tech, which is to self-study the materials and information you need to start looking for jobs in whatever tech field you choose.

Regardless of what approach you decide to follow, you will find yourself in the same place at some point. When you consider changing fields, learning a new skill, or looking for your first job, you may feel lost at first, not knowing what to do or what steps to take to reach your end goal.

One of the things you can do that would make a significant difference is find someone who can help you navigate your learning and job hunting journeys.

I can honestly say that if it weren’t for the people who mentored, supported, and guided me, both through learning the different aspects of tech and exploring the various career options, I wouldn’t be where I am today. In addition, because those mentors had more experience in the field than me, they helped me see aspects that I wasn’t aware of as a newbie.

The tricky part is that most newcomers to any field, even those who have been learning for a while, don’t know where to look for mentors or what to do to have one. Hopefully, the 6 online places I will mention in this article will help you out. Not just in finding a mentor but also in finding a community that supports and inspires you throughout your career.


We are often new to a field; we need to learn a lot of theoretical and practical knowledge. However, there is often a big gap between the knowledge we will learn and the skills we need to get a job. GDEXA is one of the online communities that attempts to close this gap by offering a free global mentorship program where experts from the industry help newcomers and learners navigate the tech field.

To be a part of this mentorship program, you will have to apply through the website, get screened by the GDEXA team, and get matched with a mentor to help you navigate your career options.

No.2: Women Who Code

One of the first communities I joined was Women Who Code. Women Who Code is a global community of women from all over the world whose goal is to help inspire other women to excel in all tech branches. In addition to the global Women Who Code community, there are local communities for different cities worldwide and communities for the most popular tech branches, such as data science and blockchain.

This community offers online events, conferences, and support through multiple Slack workspaces.

No.3: Systers

When I think of a women’s community in tech, one of the first ones that come to mind is the Anita Borg Foundation. The Anita Borg foundation is the one responsible for organizing the infamous Grace Hopper Celebration every year. Systers is a private, safe online forum for women involved in tech to find support, networking, advice sharing, and collaborating on various projects. The community is very welcoming to women of all ages, backgrounds, and knowledge-level.

№4: Mentoring Club

Next up on the list is the Mentoring Club. The mentoring club is a community of mentors who offer their time and expertise to anyone who needs their help. The club has hundreds of mentors in all different tech fields, from data science to web dev, to pure software dev. First, you need to go through the mentors’ list and choose a mentor with expertise in the tech branch you’re seeking. Once you are set on a mentor, you must prepare what you want to ask them and reach out to them.

No.5: Women In Tech

Another great community is Women In Tech. For the past few years, Women In Tech has aimed and aspired to close the gender gap in the tech field and help women embrace technology. Women In Tech is a global community with various in-person chapters around the world in addition to their international online community with over 70k members.

The community focuses on helping and supporting women in 4 different areas, education, business, inclusion, advocacy, so that they can create impact through their skills and confidence.

No.6: Code Like a Girl

Last but not least is Code Like Girl. Code Like a Girl is like all communities on this list, a social enterprise built to provide girls and women worldwide with the confidence, tools, knowledge, and support they need to enter and flourish in the world of tech, especially programming and software development.

Whether you are considering tech as a possible career path, already going through your learning journey, or have been in the field for quite a bit, finding a community that can help, support, and inspire you can make a massive difference in the pace your career advances.

We could all use some support and guidance in the tech field, in particular, having a mentor that guides you through learning new skills, writing a resume, building a portfolio, job hunting, preparing for interviews, and negotiating salary can make going through all these steps much more accessible with high chances of success.

The communities I shared with you in this article will help you find people who are kind and willing to help and give back to the community because, at some point, they used the support of the community to get to where they currently are.

So, if you ever feel lost, don’t know what the next step should be, or need someone to talk to about your fears or hopes, I hope you use one of the websites and communities to reach your full professional potential.

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