5 facts worth knowing: Starting a career in tech by Omotola Shogunle

Omotola Shogunle


Omotola Shogunle shares with us her top 5 advice tips for anyone wanting to start out in the tech industry. From a work-life balance to talking pay rises, Omotola lets us into her best kept secrets.

I just recently started my graduate role 🥳 at Ampersand UK and it’s been amazing, (PS. That is why I have been MIA from blogging) however, prior to that I was involved in a few extracurricular activities before starting my job. Today I want to talk about a few facts I appreciate knowing before starting my tech career.

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There is a community

Fact number 1, there is a tech community, that is generous, willing, and happy to help or share their ideas and expertise in a wide variety of non-technical and technical topics. If you are like me and have been under a rock, doing things by yourself and not quite finding a community to encourage you in your journey. This would be particularly relieving to know, because, I don’t know what it is about seeing people in positions I aspire to be. But for me, it gives me a sense of hope that I can achieve what I set out to do. It’s great to know that I am not in this alone! In irony, I was never 😃, I just decided to stick my head out a little and it’s paid off tremendously.

Mentors are important

Fact number 2, Mentors are important! For the most part of my journey, I have had what I would refer to as online mentors. People who I haven’t met, but I have spent time with their work. Engaging with it and taking away little gems that have helped me one way or the other. But do you know what would have even been more helpful? 

Having a physical mentor, that I could have both formal and informal conversations with. Someone who is a friend and mentor, who has way more life and work experience than I have. I really do believe having this sort of relationship in your life is mutually beneficial to both mentor and mentee. If you have one atm you are very lucky!

Giving back is actually fulfilling

Okay, fact number 3 I did mention at the start that I was involved in some extracurricular activities before I started my job. These included


    I actually enjoyed doing all of these extracurricular activities, because It was fulfilling. I was spreading knowledge that was extremely helpful to people that needed help, support, general information, or a source of inspiration. It felt purposeful, knowing I was serving others in a way that added value.

    Is work-life balance a myth 🤷🏾‍♀️ ?

    in bed with a laptop

    Fact number 4 is a bit of a debatable fact! Some say to prove yourself in the workplace you have to go ‘Above and beyond’ to impress both your colleagues and employer. Others say it’s a 9-5 no more no less, I am sure you have also heard work smart not hard, and the debate goes on. I was still on the fence on this one until I read an article by Victoria Lo on self-care tips for developers. And I had an Aha moment 🤓, it made sense. The keyword with the whole idea of work-life balance is the word BALANCE. I believe there are grey areas with this concept and it can’t be a sharp contrast between managing both your life and work because sometimes one might require more attention than the other. And as professionals we have to adhere to the different demands accordingly, but in this case do it acknowledging the human also needs to be taken care of in order to perform at their most optimal level.

    Can I get a raise 🙏🏾 ?

    Finally, the money fact I bet a good number of us did not negotiate the salary offer for our first job. 🙋🏾‍♀️ I didn’t as well, not necessarily a bad thing, I bet given better knowledge, circumstance, experience, or understanding you could have. But what’s great about this fact is I can start doing specific things that would help my chances of getting a raise on the job or better feedback. Someone once said if you don’t document it, it never happened, and if it never happened there would not be any strong basis for negotiation or solid feedback that is essential for my growth. So a few things I now know to implement towards this fact is


      One of the reasons I love where I work is that this practice of documenting and organizing 1:1s is done using a platform called Lattice. With a tool like this, there is a lot of transparency, and it’s good practice not only for negotiating your salary, but for adding to your career growth, and also appreciating other people’s work in and outside your team.

      Is there any other fact/advice you would like to share with me? Please write them in the comment section.


        Thank you!


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