10 US Technology Networks to help grow your community

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Networking can significantly impact career growth by forming new connections and sharing knowledge. Networking groups ease the daunting process, providing comfort through like-minded individuals. Access to industry events, trends, and building credibility becomes attainable. SheCanCode highlights 10 technology networks in the US, including WomenTech Global, Black Girls Code, Women Who Code, and more, fostering community and professional development in the tech sector.

Networking can play an important role in growing your career. Through networking, you can make new friends, build connections and share knowledge.

We all know networking is a powerful tool, but it can feel incredibly daunting at times. This where networking groups come in!

Networking groups are full of like-minded people from similar backgrounds, so you should feel more comfortable. You’ll also get access to group events, hear about industry firsts and latest trends, and establish your credibility. And probably most importantly, you’ll be able to build your own support network.

Below, SheCanCode have pulled together 10 fantastic technology networks in the US to give you a head-start in growing your community.

This is by no means an exhaustive list and there are other ways of expanding your network, like attending tech events, volunteering and enrolling in hackathons and competitions. If you feel we’ve missed an incredible network, then please get in touch at [email protected]

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WomenTech Global

WomenTech Network is designed for women in various roles within the technology industry, from junior to executive levels, aiming to foster a supportive community, promote professional growth, and inspire more women to join the tech sector.

While they are a global network, they have specific chapters in New York and San Francisco.

Find out more here: https://www.womentech.net/

Black Girls Code

Black Girls CODE was founded by Kimberly Bryant in 2011 to improve the pipeline of Black girls in tech, like her daughter Kai, who was then a middle school student.

They build pathways for young women of color to embrace the current tech marketplace as builders and creators by introducing them to skills in computer programming and technology.

Black Girls Code have chapters Seattle, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Atlanta and more.

Discover more: https://wearebgc.org/

Women Who Code

Women Who Code is a not-for-profit, on a mission to inspire women to excel in technology careers.

They provide an avenue into tech, empower women with skills needed for professional advancement, and provide environments where networking and mentorship are valued. The organisation has executed more than 14,000 events around the world, garnered a membership exceeding 290,000 in 134 countries.

Find out more: https://www.womenwhocode.com/


LeanIn.org gives women the support and skills to navigate bias and lean into their strengths, and gives companies the tools to ensure women have equal opportunities to advance and feel valued in their workplace.

Lean In Circles bring women together for peer mentorship, camaraderie, and support. They provide women in Circles with the resources they need to navigate bias, grow their leadership skills, and lean into their strengths.

Find out more here: https://leanin.org/

Tech Ladies

Tech Ladies is a worldwide community for women in tech with more than 150,000 members.

They provide resources and support for women in tech to learn, network, and grow their careers, including access to an exclusive job board, events, and networking opportunities. Their private community, member-only events, and Leadership Accelerator program were all designed to create a safe and fun community for their members.

Tech Ladies is a global community with members all over the world, but the majority of their members are based in the US, followed by Canada and Europe.

Discover more here: https://www.hiretechladies.com/

Women in Technology (WIT)

Women in Technology (WIT) has the sole aim of advancing women in technology – from the classroom to the  boardroom. WIT meets its vision through a variety of leadership development, technology education, networking and mentoring opportunities for women at all levels of their careers. WIT is a locally based organization that has over 1000 members in the Washington, D.C./Maryland/Virginia metro region.

Find out more: https://www.womenintechnology.org/


#LatinaGeeks’mission is to educate and empower Latinas by sharing technical knowledge, business skills, and entrepreneurship resources through hands-on workshops, strategic partnerships, and community events.

#LatinaGeeks is a nonprofit organization with chapters across the western United States. Their chapters are led by volunteers who are the heart and soul of the organization; their contributions and leadership critical to fulfilling our mission. Lead volunteers play a vital role in helping to create an organizational culture to support and empower women in technology while also fostering global citizens and powerful agents of change here in the United States.

Discover more: https://latinageeks.com/

League of Women Coders

League of Women Coders is a grassroots collective that focuses on coding, hacking, and learning together. They are like a book club for superhero women coders. You’ll find them championing free software, debating the best uses for ternary operators, defending against trolls, sharing what they know, and supporting each other in every way they can.

They run regular meetups in New York and Washington D.C.

Find out more: https://lwc.tech/

Moms in Tech

Moms in Tech is predominantly a Facebook group for women who are mothers and working in the tech space. Moms in Tech’s mission is to support women in tech through all stages of motherhood. Started by Linda Xiong in 2017, the community at present has over 17,000 members from around the world.

Discover more here: https://www.momsintech.com/

Ladies That UX

Ladies That UX is a friendly, welcoming and collaborative community, with a growing number of local groups based in cities worldwide.

Ladies that UX creates a space for women from all levels to engage and talk about their experiences, both positive and negative, and get the support and inspiration that they are looking for.

They have chapters in Boston, Detroit, New York, Philadelphia, Houston, Washington D.C., Salt Lake City and more, as well as around the globe.

Find out more: https://ladiesthatux.com/


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