The art of saying no & setting boundaries at work | SheCanCode

April 17, 2024
, 4:00 pm
- 4:45 pm

With burnout on the rise, employees no longer saying 'yes' to the hustle culture and a greater focus on mental wellbeing - how can we say no to our boss and set solid boundaries at work?

Join our empowering 40 minute online event as Nicola Riley, Principal Consultant, Zühlke; Steve Harrison, Managing Principal Consultant, Capco; Emma Dean, Chief Operating Officer, SMG; and Hazel Elms, Sales Manager, Women in Business & Tech Expo, answer this question and much more.

Learn how to navigate the delicate balance between work demands and self-care. Gain valuable insights and practical strategies to confidently set boundaries and prioritize your well-being in the workplace. Elevate your career while nurturing your mental and emotional health. Don't miss this opportunity to empower yourself!