SheInnovates Tech Club #5

April 25, 2024
, 12:00 pm
- 2:00 pm

We are organizing the fifth edition of the SheInnovate Tech Club meeting on the occasion of Girld'Day together with auxmoney and the TechHub K67.

Why does the SheInnovates Tech Club exist?

We want...

Support women in tech and encourage them to empower other women!

Break down barriers for women early on!

get men as supporters too!

What is the meeting about?

The focus is on direct exchange. Nevertheless, we have put together a small program to present you role models and give you an impetus for further networking.

The lunch starts with a get-to-know-you session for the participants. We explore the question of how we can support each other and what paths there are to get a tech job.

Do you know someone for whom our Girls' Day program could be exciting?

Then please forward the link to register .