Top Ten Coding Bootcamps in Europe

Want a quick break into the tech industry? Coding bootcamps may be your best bet.

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More people are starting to take a step back from their current careers and heading towards tech as the industry continues to grow and flourish. But this career move won’t just happen overnight. It will take hard work, dedication, and sweat. No need to stress though, you won’t need a computer science degree… but you may want to consider learning to code.

It’s always helpful to try online courses to see if the tech industry is really your field. If you do unearth a once dormant passion about becoming a programmer, then it’s time to think bigger and more full-time. This is where coding bootcamps come into the picture. These are highly immersive, short-term programmes intended to equip students with the necessary skills to transition into tech. Most bootcamps accept you as a beginner and teach you the ropes when it comes to programming languages, tools, and techniques. Almost more challenging than the programme itself is actually choosing one that’s a perfect fit. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Listed below are our top ten coding bootcamps - specifically web development - found within Europe. 


Le Wagon

Price: €6,900
Location: Amsterdam, Berlin, Barcelona, Bordeaux, Brussels, Copenhagen, Lille, Lisbon, & London

Duration: 9-weeks
Language(s): Ruby, JavaScript, HTML & CSS

Con: With only nine weeks of classes, it may be that you learn a little about a lot. And certainly, like with any bootcamp, you would need to put in extra time on the side but even more so with shorter programmes.

Pro: Multiple locations is a key feature of Le Wagon. On the one hand, it means you can choose a city that is more affordable to live in. On the other, there’s the added perk of their alumni of +1000. This soon this becomes your foundation for networking in the tech industry after graduating.



Founders and Coders

Price: Free
Location: London

Duration: 16-week bootcamp + 10-week mentorship
Language(s): JavaScript, HTML & CSS
Con: Although little to no prior knowledge is expected when applying, this particular bootcamp is highly selective and only accepts sixteen students per intake.  

Pro: Their selection process can also be a selling-point for some people as you’ll be surrounded by equally dedicated and hard-working students. Additionally, the course is free, so no worries about spending a couple grand for just the bootcamp.  

Elium Academy

Price: €2,800
Location: Brussels

Duration: 13-weeks (full-time) or 26-weeks (part-time)
Language(s): JavaScript, HTML & CSS

Con:  If you’re someone who wants to learn multiple coding languages, Elium Academy may not be your top choice. Like other bootcamps on this list, they focus primarily on JavaScript during the three months. But this means you can also become more of an expert in one language.

Pro: Any coding bootcamp will be an investment. But the price here is definitely more ideal for people on a budget, and they have a part-time option!


Price: €10,000 (full-time) or €7,500 (part-time)
Location: Madrid, Barcelona, & Paris 

Duration: 9 weeks (full-time) or 24-week (part-time)
Language(s): Ruby, JavaScript, HTML & CSS

Con:.In comparison to the other listed bootcamps, Ironhack’s prices are the most expensive. And additional fees will pile up when it comes to paying rent and living for two months - you will need to invest.

Pro: For many people taking 9-weeks off to attend a bootcamp may not be financially feasible. But at Ironhack, their cheaper part-time option means that you can continue to work. 


Spiced Academy

Price: €7,800 (full-time Full-Stack Web Development) or €9,800 (full-time Data Science)
Location: Berlin

Duration: 12-weeks (full-time)

Language(s): JavaScript, HTML & CSS for their full-stack Web Development programme

Con: Part of their admissions process requires 60-80 hours of pre-work and a final assessment. For someone who has never previously done programming, having to complete all this before the course has even begun might be a little daunting!

Pro: The pre-assignments grant you an opportunity to study with other students who are on the same page of working hard.

Skylab Coders

Price: €4,800

Location: Barcelona

Duration: 11-weeks
Language(s): JavaScript, HTML & CSS

Con: Although more of a middle ground when it comes to the price, it still can be a restriction for people on a budget. 

Pro: The bright-side though is that they offer loans, scholarships, and deferred payment options. Even better is that Barcelona is more affordable than other cities (and you’ll have the sun)! 


Price: €9,800
Location: Barcelona, Berlin, London, Austin, New York and Toronto

Duration: 12-weeks
Language(s): JavaScript, HTML & CSS

Con: Codeworks has a more rigorous entrance policy. Students begin with a 4-week remote intro training, then an 8-week (part-time) remote pre-course, followed by the main 12-week bootcamp. For those who hope to learn in a shorter period of time, this may be a downside. 

Pro: No bootcamp can turn you into a professional within just a few weeks. If you have the time, the extension beginner courses can help you become a far more talented programmer. As the bootcamp says themselves, they want to take you from “20 to 100” rather than “0 to 60”. 

Makers Academy

Price: £8,000
Location:  London

Duration: 12-weeks
Language(s): Ruby, JavaScript, HTML & CSS

Con: At Makers Academy, they also have a selective application process, accepting only the top students rather than being open to everyone. Regarding the cost, it’s not an option for anyone hoping to learn programming on a budget.

Pro: Once more we have a bootcamp with large and ever-growing alumni with +700 students, so you can count on a strong network! Since the price is considerably high, they also offer funding assistance or a fellowship, which is an interest-free loan for anyone who fits their criteria.

General Assembly

Price: £8,000 (full-time) or £2,800/£3,000 (part-time)

Location: London

Duration: 9-weeks
Language(s): JavaScript, HTML & CSS

Con: The full-time course is quite expensive, and seeing that London’s living standards are too, you will need to save up beforehand. 

Pro: Here they have a part-time program ranging from £2,800 to £3,000 depending on what web development course you take, and there is an interest fixed-rate loan available!  

BSSA Startup School Amsterdam

Price: Free (if you fit the criteria) or €4,500

Location: Amsterdam 

Duration: 12-weeks + 6-month traineeship
Language(s): JavaScript, HTML & CSS

Con Now if you fit the criteria, the traineeship will be a requirement. And you’ll need to ensure that your traineeship is willing to pay your income and an additional €500/month to the bootcamp for six months. 

Pro: When it comes to the technical terms and theory, this bootcamp takes on the academic approach called problem-based learning. This will not only help in understanding what you are learning, but with the application of it all as well! Additionally, the course is partnered with the New York Code + Design Academy which will really branch out your network even further.


Sophie van Wersch recently graduated with honors from the University College of Maastricht with a B.A., and majored in International Politics and Sociology. During her time at university she concentrated on the ways in which technology played a part in political events, and society as a whole. Since graduating, she has taken time off to prioritise her online courses in both computer science, and social media management. Although having majored in more of a political study, she intends to build a career in the video game industry - specifically, project management and/or the social media management of video games.

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