Joining a company at a time of pivotal growth: How to succeed as a leader

Spilling The T Podcast - How to succeed as a leader


Join us in this episode of Spilling the T as we sit down with Janet Robb, Director of Customer Enablement at ANS, to delve into the strategies and insights behind thriving as a leader during critical growth phases within an organiation.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to command a ship through the stormy seas of tech industry growth?

In this episode of Spilling The T, we’re joined by the remarkable Janet Robb, Director of Customer Enablement at ANS, who shares her leadership journey.

From her experience navigating dyslexia to spearheading change management, Janet’s story is a beacon for anyone navigating the choppy waters of organisational transitions. Her insights into the emotional currents that run beneath the surface during times of change are not to be missed, especially for those looking to guide their teams with empathy and understanding.

Leadership isn’t for the faint-hearted, and this conversation proves it. We tackle the gritty reality of creating a culture where mistakes aren’t just tolerated but are seen as precious gems of learning.

This conversation is a goldmine for current and aspiring leaders aiming to foster a safe, inclusive, and innovative workspace.


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