Our story.

SheCanCode's mission is to empower women to enter and remain in the tech industry.

SheCanCode started as a women in tech community and blog. We wanted to open the conversation about why women aren’t represented in this industry.  After spending 18 months sharing stories, gathering data and learning from our community, we have decided to take SheCanCode to the next level.

We are currently building a product that will help millions of women navigate the most crucial moments of their career in tech, and help companies build pipelines of talented and diverse technologists.


Our mission & vision.

Today, we’re seeing women opt-out of the tech industry, in numbers far greater than ever before.  The way we see it, is that we are facing a digital skills gap that threatens one of our most productive, most valuable economies.  Opting-out, is simply not an option.

We're on a mission to empower women to enter & remain in tech. 

Our vision is a world wherein there is equal opportunity in the tech industry.  A world wherein gender does not need to be a conversation.  A world wherein companies value diverse perspectives, not simply to say they have a diverse workforce, but where they truly believe that the diversity of their teams will enable them to spot new opportunities and be more competitive.   We want to change the perception of the tech industry, and show women how incredibly rewarding a career in this industry can be. 

So, let’s stop thinking about diversity as a problem and look at the opportunities it has presented us.


Our team.

We may seem like a small team, but we have more than 50 people globally helping to build SheCanCode into a product that can better serve you.  

Caroline, Head of Operations

Spike, Blog Editor

Tilly, Product & Innovation Analyst

Nicole, Cofounder & Ambassador

Will, Advisor & Investor

Harry, Advisor & Investor

Nicole, Cofounder & Ambassador


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