Our story.

SheCanCode's mission is to empower women to enter and remain in the tech industry.

We started as a women in tech blog and over the last two years have grown our platform into an active women-in-tech support hub providing tools and resources for women who are in careers in tech or are considering entering or transitioning into a career in tech . We now have a lively and active community of over 15,000 women worldwide and see that increasing every day.

Our mission & vision.

At SheCanCode our mission is to offer women access to all the tools and resources they need, to show them just how incredibly rewarding a career in this industry can be.

These include:

  • Daily career advice from our blogger network and SheCanCode career consultants

  • Regular interviews, providing first hand insights in to what it is like to work for a company or team

  • Company Profiles, so that our community can see what our Member Companies offer their employees in terms of culture, benefits and diversity and inclusion initiatives

  • Learning and Networking is super important, so we provide an Events Board that highlights all the top tech events we think our community should know about

  • Our SheCanCode Job Board - we only advertise roles from companies who support inclusion and diversity within their tech workforce. We have a team of SheCanCode Career Consultants who are available to help and advise the community with any applications they would like to make

Our vision is a world wherein there is equal opportunity in the tech industry.  A world wherein gender does not need to be a conversation.  A world wherein companies value diverse perspectives, not simply to say they have a diverse workforce, but where they truly believe that the diversity of their teams will enable them to spot new opportunities and be more competitive.   

“When we listen and celebrate what is both common and different, we become wiser, more inclusive, and better as an organization.” — Pat Wadors

So, let’s stop thinking about diversity as a problem and look at the opportunities it presents to us.

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Our team.

We may seem like a small team, but we have more than 50 people globally helping to build SheCanCode into a product that can better serve you.  

Caroline, Head Girl

Laura, Head of Talent & Growth

Fleur, Brand Manager

Will, Advisor & Investor

Harry, Advisor & Investor

 See our 30-strong global content team here

In the news.

June 2019

Recently SheCanCode was approached by Mediaplanet to work with them on their 2019 Women in STEM campaign.

We were incredibly honored and excited to be included in the campaign, which featured exclusive content from key industry thought leaders, who share their perspective on how we can motivate more women to enter into STEM; how we can increase diverse talent in to the industry and what we need to do to support the next generation.

A printed publication was enclosed within every copy of the New Scientist magazine and the content is available online at womeninstem.co.uk.