We want to help you better attract, hire, develop & retain women in tech.

build sustainable talent communities.

Hiring technologists? Looking to build a workforce that reflects the diversity of your customer-base?

Our platform recommends your blogs, jobs and events to the most relevant users in our 10,000 strong (and growing!) community based on a unique matching algorithm - helping you to build your own community of diverse talent that you can market to, and hire from. 


How does it work? 

Step 1: Create your Company Profile

Give your next hire an opportunity to explore what separates your firm from the rest by showcasing how you cultivate a culture of inclusion - at a glance. 

Curate your company profile today to start growing a community of tech talent - for free, forever. 

Step 2: Upload Jobs

currently hiring?

We help you to maximize the potential of filling your roles with diverse candidates by helping you remove gendered language, and using advanced technology to put your roles in front of an engaged, and interested audience - from day one.  

Your first job post is free. thereafter we charge £250 per post  per month including textio analysis.

Step 3: Share Events

Meet your community. 

We believe that events are the future of recruiting. Whether you're hosting drinks or speaking on a panel, share your event calendar with your community and watch your application numbers rise. 

our content package allows you to meet your future talent before they click 'apply'. 

Step 4: Share Stories

inspire your next hire. 

Why does diversity matter to you? Want to shout about badass role models that are paving the way? Share stories & product updates with your talent community and bring your company image to life.

let our algorithm serve your content to the right audience with our content package.

Step 5: Get Insights

Want to know the return on your investment of time, money or resources in posting content with us? Want to access data-driven reports on the demographics of your community and learn more about what users in our platform are looking for in a company? Now you can. 

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Watch your community grow + measure roi.

Start building your company profile today - it only takes a couple minutes!