Coding Games

A list of top coding games for you to learn programming languages, practice your coding skills or simply have fun!

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Coding games for beginners and advanced programmers where you can improve your coding skills by solving engaging challenges and fun tasks.

code combat

A multiplayer programming game, you control the actions of a brave hero going through hundreds of dungeons, fighting enemies and collecting gems.


Achieve mastery through challenge. Improve your skills by training with others on real code challenges

Flexbox Froggy

A game where you help Froggy and friends by writing CSS code! Guide this frog to the lilypad on the right using flexbox. In game hints available to tell you which CSS properties to use but it’s up to you to choose which combination of values to be successful.


A great game for learning CSS selectors. 32 levels teach you the basics of how CSS selectors work. The player is given a table of dishes in animated and HTML form, and a certain item or items to select from the table. Each level gets progressively more complex.


Tend to your carrots in your garden, using CSS grid.
Objective is to water your carrot crops and poison the weeds by mastering CSS grid, a powerful new module that makes grid layouts a piece of cake. With it you can define columns, rows, and grid template areas.

Elevator Saga

The game tests your JavaScript knowledge. The challenge to move an elevator and transport people in the most efficient manner possible. Challenges get progressively harder at each level.


A very simple, yet challenging concept. The game gives you two random pixel values, one for the width and one for the height of a rectangle. The player then has to draw a box that is as close as possible to the given dimensions.

Human Machine Resource

As an office worker you are challenged to complete tasks by combining various instructions together before the machines get you. This game is all about puzzle solving through visual programming.


Edabit simulates what programming is like in the real world while removing any tedious, non-educational aspects. Adding simple game mechanics makes the learning process fun and addictive. Gain XP, unlock achievements and level up.


Codingame is a game-like web app where you solve puzzles and challenges by writing real code. Each puzzle/challenge has a theme increasing the game play.

Flexbox Defense

A classic tower defense game with a CSS twist – all the turrets and traps in the game are positioned using the flexible box layout. Your job is to stop the incoming enemies from getting past your defenses. There are 12 levels, complete them and will have applied your entire knowledge of flexbox properties.

Swift Playground

Swift Playground is a cute free iPad app that teaches Apple’s Swift langauge in a simple and fun way.
It begins with coding fundamentals and works its way up by presenting puzzles and other challenges that can only be solved through programming concepts.

Ruby Warrior

Ruby’s easy-to-read style makes it an ideal language to learn through this type of game. Your knight character ascends a tower rife with peril, including dangerous obstacles and angry enemies, all through the magic of code that you’re tasked with writing.


Screeps is an open source MMO RTS sandbox game for programming enthusiasts, wherein the core mechanic is programming your units AI. You control your colony by writing JavaScript which operate 24/7 exploring the endless game world.


You will learn programming skills by building virtual robot battle tanks in Java or .NET. Battles to then play against each other in real time.


TIS-100 is a puzzle video game and programming game developed by Zachtronics Industries. The game has the player develop mock assembly language code to perform certain tasks on a virtualized 1970s computer that has been corrupted.

VIM Adventures

VIM Adventures is an online game based on VIM’s keyboard shortcuts (commands, motions and operators). A great puzzle game for practicing and memorizing VIM commands without a steep learning curve.