She means business: The triumphs & challenges when launching your own business

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Female entrepreneur, Nada AliRedha provides insights on her journey as a woman in business.

Nada AliRedha, international entrepreneur, fintech expert and CEO of Plim Finance.

women in business

An interest free BNPL “Buy Now, Pay Later” credit service designed for the medical aesthetics industry with the goal of making elective, aesthetic treatments more accessible and affordable. With advanced technology this finance software offers interest free payment solutions. Plim offers credit to reputable users ensuring relevant credit checks are adhered to avoid consumer debt. 

An expert in discussing funding requirements, regulations, legalities and changes in lending and borrowing for business. With a passion for helping female business owners flourish, Nada qualified, receiving her certification in the Professional Education, US. She also has a BA in International Finance from Franklin College, Switzerland, and a Diploma in Buying & Merchandising from the London School of Fashion, UK.

Nada has applied her international education within a number of global businesses in the fintech, compliance, fashion, empowerment and education sectors. She has chaired several successful ventures, including SEED Group International and Mum Mum, which focused on early education and nutrition. She has also worked with, and advised, leading international fashion brands such as Gucci, YSL and Bottega Veneta, as well as proving herself in the tech world; partnering with Drips (Fashion marketplace) and GoLearn (EdTech). She has also proudly worked as a part of the UN Women Alumni Association, to advance female empowerment and promote women’s rights and gender equality.

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As a leading Fintech expert, pioneering entrepreneur and CEO and founder of PLIM, my journey to success began with nothing more than the simple intention of solving problems.

I started really building up my business portfolio over the decade following my years in academia where I achieved a BA in International Finance from Franklin College in Switzerland and a certification in the Professional Education Program at Harvard.

I was lucky enough to apply my international education to setting up several well-established, global businesses in a wide range of sectors, including the Fintech industry, while supporting other businesswomen and trying to make it myself as an entrepreneur in a male dominated industry. 

Despite my academic achievements and experience in business, making it on my own wasn’t without its obstacles. In my first business venture, it was made very apparent that trying to acquire funds alone as a business woman was almost impossible, highlighting a fundamental flaw in the system.

However, after several failed attempts, a lot of perseverance and my learned ability to innovate and adapt, I am now a successful business woman, the CEO of PLIM Limited. 

PLIM has taken the medical aesthetics industry by storm partnering with over 400 clinics across the UK, allowing their patients to spread the cost of their treatments with accessible, simple, and discreet payment solutions.

Our online platform, PLIM Marketplace, enables patients to browse through a list of clinics and their treatments, request consultations, apply for “Buy Now Pay Later” services and checkout via a payment plan with ease. Patients are able to spread the cost of their treatments over 1,3,6 & 8 months depending on their transaction amount, enabling them to achieve their desired aesthetic goals, whilst still retaining control over their own finances. We now have over 48k unique visitors to our website, and over 3.1k BNPL invitations sent. 

My mission of innovating a service that brings accessibility to the medical aesthetics industry is well and truly underway.

Having fought my way to the top, I can confidently say that:

“My personal philosophy regarding business is to embrace rejection.”

The more you fail, the more you learn to adapt, innovate and become resilient enough to acquire success. 

My relationship with the business world has been full of lessons, inspiration and fulfilling experiences that I am extremely grateful for. As an entrepreneur, I quickly realised that this passion and drive to build a business isn’t something that can be taught or learnt, it’s who you are, and it’s your responsibility to honour that no matter what.

Being a female business owner, I was acutely aware of the facts and figures that suggested the odds would be stacked against me when it came to securing funds and investments. 48% of all investment teams are without a single woman with less than 1% of all UK venture funding being awarded to all-female teams. I knew in order to become successful alone, I’d have to first build myself a reputation so strong that it broke through all the existing prejudices that currently run amok in the business world.

Acquiring capital for any new business can always be a challenge but coupled with the task of having to prove yourself constantly in a male dominated industry was particularly hard. In order to overcome this, I had to really take advantage of networking opportunities, making sure to raise my voice enough for my presence and mission to be known. 

I also made sure to introduce myself to as many relevant people as possible – from private investors to other female business owners. Making business connections and expanding your network was a sure-fire way to eventually get myself in front of the right people.

I also found that specifically targeting investors and funding from those who already support female founders was a necessary avenue I needed to go down. They had already demonstrated that they were capable of doing exactly what I needed them to do so it was a chance to show them that they had made the right decision, allowing them another opportunity to empower female business owners. 

Ultimately, it was partnering up with the right people that allowed me to secure funding and build a reputation strong enough to endure the tests of the business world alone. Following the initial trust that both me and my partner were given, I was able to showcase my value and my potential, making it easier to secure funding alone as a female business woman moving forward.

For all the women in business, my advice would be to stay driven, resilient and determined through it all. Raise your voice and make your value known. Have a mission and resolve so strong that it becomes undeniable who you are and what you stand for. The odds might be stacked against us but the more we support each other and the more we fight for equality within various industries the more change we are likely to see.


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