How to set healthy boundaries as a working parent and still be successful

Setting healthy boundaries as a working parent in tech with Capco(1)


Struggling with setting boundaries as a working parent in tech? Our guests from Capco share their insights on mastering flexibility in the modern workplace. Don't miss this episode of Spilling The T - listen below!

Navigating the complex dynamics of parenting while progressing in a tech career can be daunting.

Our latest podcast episode provides an in-depth exploration of how parents in the tech industry manage to maintain healthy boundaries and flexibility, ensuring their families thrive alongside their careers. SheCanCode’s Kayleigh Bateman leads a conversation with Eve Bjonness, Senior Consultant; Irene Symeonidou, Principal Consultant; and Lilian Camargo, Cyber Risk Manager from Capco, delving into their personal experiences and strategies.

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Our guests share their unique journeys into tech, illustrating that a traditional tech background isn’t a prerequisite for success in the industry.

Eve discusses her role in regulatory consulting and her leadership in the parents and carers network, while Irene speaks on transitioning from academia to tech consulting, and Lilian shares insights from her shift from software development to cybersecurity.

A critical aspect of achieving work-life balance is the post-COVID evolution of workplace flexibility. The discussion reveals how the transition to remote work and flexible hours has been a game-changer for working parents. The episode emphasizes the importance of clear communication and setting firm boundaries with colleagues, which can foster greater respect and productivity.

This episode offers practical advice, heartfelt anecdotes, and a dose of inspiration for anyone in the tech industry seeking to master the art of balance in the modern workplace. It’s a must-listen for tech parents looking for guidance and motivation to craft a fulfilling life that encompasses both their professional aspirations and their roles as parents.

Remember to join us for more insightful discussions that resonate with the challenges and triumphs of combining a tech career with parenting. This episode is not only for parents in the tech industry but also for anyone interested in fostering a healthier work-life balance.


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