6 female founders tackling the impacts of COVID19

Group of strong, confident tech female founders


As part of our efforts to spotlight Female Founders, we thought we would shine a light on some of those doing brilliant work to tackle the effects of COVID19.

Mridula Pore 

Mridula Pore, Peppy

Company: Peppy Health Ltd
Industry: Health Care
Descritpion: Peppy provides expert-led health information and support at life’s big transitions, like becoming a parent, going through the menopause, starting a fertility journey and more to come.
Job Title: Co-Founder and CEO

Peppy was created to make it easier for employers to support their employees when they need it most. It was recently selected to receive £25,000 under the NHSX #TechForce19 challenge, to scale up innovative solutions aiming to help support vulnerable people during COVID19. You can track progress on their Techforce trial projects around mental health and parenthood.  

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Kim Palmer 

Kim Palmer, Clementine

Company: ClementineApp
Industry: Health Care
Description: A confidence app to help working women who battle with anxiety and low self-esteem to feel confident, capable and on top of their game
Job Title: CEO

With a wonderfully broad range of experience from Marketing to Product Development, Kim founded Clementine in 2017. Clementine is an app that supports women to worry less, sleep more and feel more confident. Kim was also featured in the top 10 of Women of Wearables’ Top 100 Women in Fem Tech, and Health Tech in 2019. 

Kim and her team, along with the help of NHS nurses from the ICU, have designed a set of hypnotherapy sessions to help support everyone in the medical and caring professions.  

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Dr Funmi Adewara 

Female founder, Dr Funmi Adewara

Company: MobiHealth
Industry: Health Care, Information Technology
Description: Mobihealth is a telemedicine and digital healthcare platform
Job Title: CEO

Funmi is Founder & CEO of MobiHealth. Previous to this, she spent over 10 years in the NHS as a Physician. Mobihealth is revolutionizing access and delivery of healthcare across Africa through the 1st of its kind telemedicine app. It connects users to over 100k medical experts from the US, UK and other carefully selected countries of the world within minutes for video consultations.  

Funmi and MobiHealth came away as winners of the 2nd challenge in Sanofi’s competition to find innovation in Africa for better healthcare. 

In the words of Akinwumi A. Adesina – President of the African Development Bank and who declared his congratulations – “Africans are innovating on solutions for COVID19” 

Mobihealth was also one of fifteen successfully selected startups to participate in the inaugural  Female Tech Founders Programme delivered by the UK Government’s Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) during the UK-Africa Investment Summit in January 2020

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Charlotte Guzzo  

Charlotte Guzzo

Company: Sano Genetics
Industry: Biotechnology, Information Technology
Description: Sano Genetics is a personalised medicine research platform with data privacy and transparency at its core.
Job Title: Co-Founder and COO

Charlotte’s company Sano Genetics was included in Business Insider’s list of the top 15 European health startups investors think will ‘blow up’ this year. She was one of 10 women founders to recently graduate from Google’s first “remote” Startups Residency programme.  

Her company has launched and is hiring for a new initiative related to COVID19 – using genomic testing to better predict infection risk, severity, and identify new potential treatments. 

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Melissa Morris 

Female founder, Melissa Morris

Company: Lantum
Industry: Health Care, Hospital, Human Resources, Recruiting
Description: Lantum is the online platform that enables healthcare providers to manage their clinical workforce
Job Title: CEO

Melissa is Founder and CEO of Lantum, as well as a Fellow at NHS Innovation Accelerator. Hailed online as one of the UK’s hottest startups, Lantum is on a mission to save the NHS £1BN. 

They have been quick to bring new solutions to market such as next day payment service for clinicians, because as they say – “there’s enough going on right now without worrying about payments.”  

What’s more, Lantum’s Co-Founder Dr Ishani Patel is a GP based in north-west London and the eHub lead for four primary care networks. She has delivered a weekly GP diary, explaining how she and her colleagues are managing in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. 


Female founder Lea Von Bidder

Company: Ava
Industry: Health Care
Description: Ava is a patented multi-sensor bracelet, which allows women to precisely and conveniently predict fertile days. Ava is advancing women’s reproductive health by bringing together artificial intelligence and clinical research.
Job Title: Co-Founder and CEO

Lea is highly educated in entrepreneurship, with having studied at EM Lyon in France, Zhejiang University in China and Purdue Krannert University in the US.

Ava has been piloting a program to fit its citizens with biometric wristbands to help detect coronavirus symptoms




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