Expectation vs Reality: Where Are You Operating From?

How in touch with reality are you? If you're interested in ideas that could help you handle those times when the reality you face falls short of your expectation, then read on.

Read Time: 4 Mins


Working in tech is full of challenges and opportunities: deadlines to hit; bugs to find; outdated views and opinions to navigate. These examples only come from the professional elements of our world. There are at least as many personal elements. It’s common for people to become frustrated when what happens falls short of what they expect. Being able to adapt to these differing circumstances is often a key determinate of our success and happiness. That’s a lot easier to write than do. Particularly when you’re ‘right’ and the other person or situation is ‘wrong’. It’s easy to get caught out when there’s a difference. So, what can you do to improve things?

Here are three things to consider:

1)    Reality is reality

2)    What you see on the surface isn’t all that’s going on

3)    Get great at asking better questions



Reality is Reality