Digital Nomad: The best places for co-working in Lisbon

Isabelle Tucker on the best co-working spaces in Lisbon


Meet Isabelle Tucker, Founder and Creative Director of Klioh Studio. Isabelle is advocate for empowerment in the workplace and a modern work culture. She is also a digital nomad. Here, she gives us her best co-working places in Lisbon.

Isabelle Tucker is the Founder and Creative Director of Klioh Studio and a trailblazer in modern work culture, defying norms and advocating for empowerment in the workplace. 

Klioh was born out of Isabelle’s own frustration with a conventional career that failed to fulfil her aspirations.  Eager to forge her own path, Isabelle is dedicated to defining her own life, to work, travel and do the things she loves without having to sacrifice success. Isabelle’s motivation is deeply rooted in her belief that women should not be constrained by predefined notions of achievement, lifestyle, or family responsibilities. Klioh is not only about brand design and website creation, but it is also a place where she can empower others, especially women, to create lives that align with their passions and aspirations. Through Klioh she is enabling people to design their careers and lives in a way that resonates with their truest selves. She has cultivated a unique workplace and company culture that provides the opportunity for autonomy and self-expression, regardless of geographical location.

As a digital nomad running a creative agency, I absolutely love arriving in a new place and exploring all of the best places to work from.


New environments always really help boost my motivation and creative energy, and the co-working spots in Lisbon do not disappoint.

Before you board your flight laptop in hand, a few pieces of advice for when you’re thinking about taking your work remote.

Firstly, always arrive a few days early so you can scope out these places before you actually need to work in them. I’ve learned the hard way that planning to get to a co-work cafe an hour before you go on an important call can really go wrong when 1) there could be no space 2) the wifi might not be what you are expecting 3) its loud and noisy and nothing like the pictures online.⁠  

Secondly, prep yourself with all of the equipment you might need – adaptors, an extension cord, good noise cancelling headphones and plenty of battery packs. For my fellow creatives, I swear by a portable lightweight screen so I can be as productive as I would be at home.

I’ve been travelling while running my business for 3 years now, and I’ve learnt all there is to know about finding the best ( and worst ) places to work from, so here’s my guide of Lisbon’s best spots for a productive hassle free working day:


Paid co-works (hourly/day passes)

Outsite Coworking Cafe

This co-work is set in a beautiful heritage tiled building right in the heart of Lisbon. The space is beautiful, has a relaxed cafe feel and great coffee. The only down-side is because they also have accommodation, it can get very busy – and places for private calls can be limited – so get there early in the day to book out a space and grab a good spot!

Unobvious Lab

I discovered this place on a walk on the West side of the city – it’s really sweet with friendly staff and quirky decor, and it’s much quieter and cheaper than spots in the center of town.


For a touch of luxury and a gorgeous pool to unwind by on your lunch break – try one of Ninho’s ‘out of town’ or ‘summer’ membership plans. This place has a lot to offer in terms of meeting other like-minded entrepreneurs, with a focus on community and events, all set in a stunning 19th century palace overlooking Lisbon’s terracotta rooftops.

A Dama Rosa

For getting some serious work done, A Dama Rosa In the heart of beautiful Principe Real, is made up of mostly private offices but also with co-working corners you can hire on a daily pass basis.

Favourite Cafes to work from

If you’re looking for something more relaxed that you can pop in and do a few hours work from, I’d recommend some of the incredible cafes that Lisbon has to offer. My favourite are:


Open your laptop surrounded by greenery and enjoying an delicious brunch in this buzzy creative space, that serves as a coffee shop, concept store and gallery. A relaxed environment to while away the day and less busy

Dear Breakfast

With two central locations, this is one of my favourite brunches, with great coffee and aesthetic interiors – a perfect place to get work done while exploring Lisbon. It can however get busy, particularly on the weekends when there are queues out of the door for the infamous brunch – so timing is key to avoid the crowds.

Flores de Pampa

Set overlooking a beautiful square of Principe Real – a really buzzy neighbourhood with plenty of shops to explore on your lunch break – Flores de Pampa is great spot for a productive afternoon.  Come the evening, it attracts a great crowd for the live music and cocktails – so you can shut your laptop and find yourself in the middle of the action for a good night out.



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