Careers in tech: How to become a DevOps Engineer

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Always dreamt of becoming a DevOps Engineer? Not sure what it takes or where to start? We've pulled together this guide to get you started!

In this series, SheCanCode takes a look at what qualifications and skills are needed for roles across the tech industry. We will also look at earning potential and the prospect of career growth as a software engineer, as well as pointing you in the right direction of companies and open job roles.

What is a DevOps Engineer?

DevOps is a blend of Development and Operations and focuses on the practices and tools that automate and integrate software development and IT operations. DevOps allows companies to continually update and improve their procedures and best practices.

A DevOps Engineer manages the operations of this software development, implementing knowledge and tools to ensure streamlined updates and creation. The role of DevOps Engineer is usually a more senior position and they will usually be expected to manage a team. They will be involved in working with developers and other IT teams to ensure the smooth implementation of software developments.


DevOps Engineers will typically need a technical degree or at least a degree in a STEM field.

Once you’ve got a Batchelor’s degree you can boost your CV with specific DevOps certification, such as Linux or AWS course.


Technical skills and specifically DevOps technical skills are a must for this career. Basic programming skills, Linux admin, networking and cloud fundamentals, as well as a knowledge of Git, would you stand you in good stead.

Most DevOps Engineers will have a knowledge of coding. You can start a coding course or brush up on your skills with a number of free opportunities.

As we’ve discovered throughout this series, soft skills are also incredibly important for roles in tech – DevOps being no different. Problem-solving skills, project management skills and people skills will help immensely on your journey into DevOps.

Earning potential and career growth

As we’ve already looked at, a DevOps Engineer is a senior position, so to get here you might start your career journey in Network Engineering or SysAdmin, or as a Release Manager, before moving into Test Engineering or Cloud Engineering. From here, you can move into a DevOps Architect role before becoming an Engineer.

The average salary for a DevOps Engineer in the UK is around £60,000 per annum. Entry level positions for DevOp roles start at around £50,000 per annum, while more senior positions can expect to make up to £80,000.

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