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When it comes to simply taking that first step towards coding, I think the thing that flings most people into an endless abyss of procrastination is the age-old: “There’s so much out there: I don’t know where to start!” Well, panic no more. Before you dive into the nitty-gritty, might-as-well-be-Greek sounding words like PHP, IDE, Erlang and the Document Object Model, ZOOM OUT. Step back. Breathe, and pace yourself. Before you get to any of those details, it’s so crucial to start from the basics.

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6 Months of Microsoft Lessons in 6 Minutes or Less

This week marked the completion of my first six months at Microsoft as a full-time software engineer working on Cortana for Windows. It feels like it was just yesterday that I walked into Microsoft’s Lift London office and crossed off day one of my career. This early-in-career checkpoint left me feeling reflective about the growth I have experienced and the lessons I have learnt.

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My story from Nursing to Coding

After a successful 9 years in healthcare, both as a Registered Nurse and a Registered Manager, worked in Australia and UK, last year I made one of the scariest and bravest decisions of my life to change my career. I decided to leave nursing and healthcare altogether and learn something new and completely different.

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Taniya Amidon
Advice for New and Aspiring Junior Developers

Today I am saying good bye and thank you to Technology Will Save Us, where I have been working as a junior developer for the past 7 months. As a reflection on my time here and in the interest of helping other people, I have compiled a few bits of advice to pass on to people like Past-Louise as they start (or want to start) work as a web developer.

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Louise Taylor
Gym Instructor to Global Head of Digital Tooling at HSBC - how did she do it?

No one person’s career journey is ever quite the same, and we are all at some point in our careers, going to be challenged - whether that be when transitioning, advancing or returning after a career break. For many of us women in tech, hills have been climbed, corners turned, and hurdles have been jumped to get to where we are now - and many of us will say it was ALL worth it!

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Caroline Holmes