Women championing women: Why & how to lift as you climb | SheCanCode

August 21, 2024
, 4:00 pm
- 4:45 pm

As we all know, the tech industry is still largely dominated by men - but there are more and more fighting for greater diversity and inclusion in the sector.

There are a number of initiatives championing women in tech, networking groups, women's events and awards all trying to address the lack of women in tech.

But why should we care? And what can women do to champion each other?

Join Hazel Elms, Sales Manager, Karren Brady’s Women in Business Expo; Natalie Whittlesey, Director of C-Tech Engagement, The IN Group; Sam Gaskell, CEO & Founder, DataFit; and Frankie Oakeshott, Senior Director of Solution Engineering, Workiva, in this 40 minute online event, as we answer these questions and more.