Unearthing tech gems: Discovering talent beyond city limits | SheCanCode

February 21, 2024
, 4:00 pm
- 4:45 pm

Tech talent outside of major cities is a valuable and growing resource for the technology industry. While major cities like San Francisco and London have long been hubs for tech talent, several factors have contributed to the emergence of tech talent in smaller cities and rural areas.

The trend toward tech talent outside of major cities is expected to continue, and it presents opportunities for both individuals seeking tech careers and companies looking to tap into a broader talent pool.

In this 40-minute session, we're joined by Jake McCambley, Software Engineer, TripleTen; Rachel McElroy, Marketing Director at Axiologik; and Tim Harlow, Chief Revenue Officer at Templeton and Partners, to discuss remote work, quality of life, distributed teams, and the link to increasing diversity of perspectives.