Pathways to a Job in Tech | Women in Tech Hampshire

March 21, 2024
, 6:00 pm
- 8:00 pm

After the success of our launch event in January, this month we will be looking at different avenues for women to enter the Technology industry, from apprenticeships at an early age to re-entering the industry after a career break.

We will be joined by Eleanor Dearman, Computer Science Graduate and Enterprise Solution Engineer at VMWare, discussing their apprenticeship programme and her experience of the industry. We will also be joined by Claire Goodall, from STEM Returners, sharing successful stories of women getting back into tech after a career break.

There will be networking before and after the panel discussion, with the option to ask questions throughout. If you would like to submit any questions for the panel, please email Lauren (laurenjames@spectrumit.co.uk) or Amy (amylee@spectrumit.co.uk).