Own It – Taking Back Control Through Self-Awareness & Mindset Strategies | Motherboard

February 21, 2024
, 12:00 pm
- 1:00 pm

42% of women experience a loss of confidence in their abilities after returning from maternity leave, and sometimes due to ineffective management and a rapidly changing landscape for mums in the tech industry, it can take a long time to recover.

For our first MotherBoard community event of 2024, we’re hosting an online talk with mindset & strategy coach Tiffany Dawson all about taking back control of your career, business and lifestyle and through self-awareness and mindset strategies.

About the event:

This is THE event for female entrepreneurs, freelancers and women in tech who are grateful for what they have but wish there was a little bit more in life. Be that more joy, fulfillment, calm, money, connection, or something you can't quite put into words.
The fact is, you CAN have all of these things - if you believe they're yours to have. This isn't some woo-woo talk on manifestation, but a practical guide on how to cultivate confidence and get out of your own way.
Be warned: You'll leave this event being radically honest with yourself, but with awareness comes the power to transform your life.

About Tiffany Dawson:

Tiffany Dawson is a mindset & strategy coach, podcast host and founder of Overflow Collective - helping ambitious entrepreneurs who are mothers to scale their businesses without the hustle and grind, meaning they can spend more time and money on their families.

As a former mechanical engineering leader across Australia and the UK, she witnessed and experienced the many challenges women still face in business and male-dominated industries.

After overcoming her own battles with impostor syndrome and poor work-life balance, she was compelled to teach other women to do the same through her coaching, Tiffany instils in her clients the mindset strategies and actionable tools for longevity in business while giving them the permission to do life and entrepreneurship their own way.

Tiffany's podcast, "Unconventional Success" offers a window into her life as a business owner, wife, and mum of a 2-year-old and a couple of beagles, plus inspiring conversations with other entrepreneurs who are mothers.