Out in Tech | Career Talks

November 2, 2023
, 5:00 pm
- 8:00 pm

Looking for a job is a daunting ask, but we're here to give you just the boost, network, and opportunities you need!

If you are currently looking for your next opportunity, meet dozens of companies recruiting for roles in engineering, product management, user experience, data science, people ops, or more. In addition to hearing about the roles, you'll get to interact with recruiters from each of these organizations (and ask any questions you may have).

Whether you're curious about a company's remote work policies, whether they hire straight of bootcamps, or what their health care policies are for queer and trans folks, you'll participate in multiple informal round robins to ask your questions.

We will also open the event with practical workshops on excelling at your job interview, sprucing up your resume, network effectively, and more.

1p: Career-readiness workshops

1:45p - 4p: Recruiting rooms

*Link to join the event will hit your inbox 10 min prior to event start time. This event will take place on Hopin.*