Midlands Women in Tech

May 20, 2024
, 11:00 am
- 2:00 pm

An event held by Rolls-Royce in partnership with Xpertise Recruitment, the award-winning Technology, Data and Transformation Recruiters.

Bringing together individuals and organisations to delve into discussions and education surrounding women in Technology, Data, and Transformation, and the questions this creates.

Emphasising advocacy, self-promotion, and the imperative steps toward diversity promotion in the Technology sector, our focus shifts to strategies aimed at attracting and retaining more talent into the industry. This underscores a collective endeavor to nurture inclusivity and equitable opportunities for all.

Who will benefit from attending our Midlands Women in Tech event?

This event isn't exclusively for women in tech; we welcome everyone in the Technology, Data, and Transformation community who are eager to deepen their understanding of inclusivity and diversity within the sector and how these aspects can enhance businesses growth in the long run.