Le Wagon London x Rise – Future of Work: Women in Tech & AI

November 16, 2023
, 6:00 pm
- 8:30 pm

Chat GPT has caused a sensation that extends far beyond the business world, propelling conversations about AI to the forefront of the tech industry and beyond. It has many of us wondering - what will be the impact on our future at work?

We invite you to join us at this exciting panel discussion organised by Rise, with the support of our collaborators Le Wagon and PWN (Professional Women’s Network) to hear a range of perspectives from our panel of speakers on the topic: The Future of Work: Women in Tech & AI.


Join us as we hear perspectives from women working in tech. We will examine the pivotal role they play in emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning, discuss the essential skills and knowledge needed for their success in tech-driven industries, and delve into the potential of AI and automation to create new opportunities and challenges for women in the workforce.

There will also be an opportunity to ignite your creativity and innovative thinking in a lightning ideation session, where you can submit your ideas and solutions related to AI on the theme of empowering women in tech.


- Marijana (Boskovic) Fung, BNP Paribas

- Candy Liu, Microsoft, Strategic Global Account Lead

- Robin Sutara, Data Bricks, Feild Chief Transformation Officer


✨ Deepen your understanding of AI and its impact on women in technology.

✨ Learn from real-world experiences and practical insights shared by women tech leaders engaged in driving technology transformations and fostering diversity and inclusion.

✨Stay up-to-date with trends ensuring you have a competitive edge in your career.

✨ Engage in meaningful discussions and ask questions directly to our panelists.

✨ Meet with like-minded professionals and build connections within the supportive Rise, PWN and Le Wagon communities.

Joining this event offers a unique opportunity to learn, connect, and contribute to the advancement of women in tech while exploring the exciting world of AI and its impact on your future work life. Seats are limited ⏰

Don't miss out on this empowering and enriching experience!