Insight Evening: Lunch & Learn Special | Coding Black Females

May 17, 2024
, 1:00 pm
- 2:00 pm

Curious about breaking into the tech industry? Wondering what it takes to thrive as a software engineer? This event is your opportunity to gain valuable insights from Tigs, who will delve into her personal experiences, challenges, and triumphs on her path to becoming a successful tech professional.

Tigs is a Software Engineer working at Intuit (QuickBooks). She's been in the industry for 4.5 years and started her career in tech through an apprenticeship. Outside of her job, she used to run a food van called The Toast Club. She also enjoy running, dance and DIY.

Tigs will be talking through her journey into tech through her apprenticeship and what her job now entails. She will also be providing tips on how to find the right companies to work for