Code & Chill | Coding Black Females

June 5, 2024
, 6:00 pm
- 8:30 pm

Calling all beginners or programming masters! Code & Chill with Coding Black Females! Network Code & Vibe maybe you’ve hit a wall with your data set or need to refresh your coding skills! This event is for you. Work on that revolutionary project, solve your work based projects or learn that cool new language. Network & join forces with like-minded individuals, form dynamic teams, and let your creativity soar.

All levels are welcome! No experience is needed. Bring your computer, and vibe with us! Tell a friend to tell a friend.

A few case studies and projects from previous code & chills

Tech Entrepreneur Using block chain to connect volunteers for NGOs and Corporate companies.

How to run code in Jupyter notebooks, get acquainted with Python, and understand how webpages are structured

✅ Coding in Golang (High Level C)

✅ The basics of CSS, HTML, Python Java programming and how to use is to scrape data from webpages

✅ How to gather data and train powerful predictive Machine Learning and Deep Learning models

If there are any further accommodations that we can make to enable you to enjoy this event comfortably - please get in touch at [email protected]