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2017 review

Take a look back.


This year has been the biggest and most successful yet for SheCanCode. Step into our annual review to see what we achieved to get an understanding of what lies before us. 


Letter from us

30 December 2017


In 2017, we at SheCanCode, wore many hats with the same goal: to empowering women to enter and remain in tech.

This year, we curated a 50:50 gender-and- tech ability- diverse hackathon, <hatch london> at the Ministry of Justice. We delivered coding workshops; launched a <job board>, provided free career advisory, launched <tools & resources> and hosted bespoke recruitment drives for corporate clients.

This has been in response to:

  1. The increased demand to support women to enter &  remain in technology; as well as,
  2. Being increasingly asked to support companies to better attract, hire, develop and retain women in tech.







Our Community Growth.



We will continue to share our views on diversity &  inclusion with a 7,000 strong (and growing) global community via our blog, website, social channels and events. 

in 2018, we are taking SheCanCode to the next level. 

Leveraging the insights we have gained from working with a wide variety of stakeholders, we will be launching a product that is aligned with our mission.

 Using a unique matching algorithm, our product brings the <career advisory formula> we've developed online: personalising recommendations to content  <companies, articles, jobs and events> that is aligned with users' past & present experience, as well as future goals. 



This helps users' to gain exposure to opportunities that enable them to better navigate their careers in technology.

In order to generate enough good opportunities (through content) to empower women to enter & remain in technology; and as a way to sustain & scale the growth of a niche <career advisory marketplace>, companies are given access to the platform as an employer branding tool. Our platform serves as a place for them to build their own communities of diverse tech talent that they can market to, & hire from.  

As we look forward to the year ahead, we hope we're able to turn the dial on the gender imbalance in the tech industry, not only because it's the right thing to do; but because it's good for business. 

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Best wishes,

Nicole Pretorius, Cofounder & Former CEO


From starting the year as a simple blog, to growing our community beyond 7,000+ global members and having more than 32,000 views on of our website (& an Alexa rank of 100,000 in the UK), we feel this has been an incredible achievement for SheCanCode as a community. 

We get new visitors to our site every day, and the numbers are changing every day, not only in the cities that we reach, but the diversity that it adds to our community.  


demographics of our community



Newsletter Subscribers








Companies we worked with. 


Empowering women to enter + remain in tech. 


2017 highlights

We're on a mission.
Explore some of our highlights to see what we've been up to.


Major shortfall in UK tech talent

A great majority of UK companies are experiencing a shortfall in tech talent. A study conducted by the British Chambers of Commerce earlier this year saw 75% of UK businesses reported a digital skills gap in their employee base.

The diversity of industries supporting SheCanCode shows how digitization is ripping through all industries. Top management are increasingly realizing that they must diversify their talent pool to remain competitive in the current business environment.

Bridging the digital skills gap through diversity

The Science and Technology Committee in the UK Parliament report that the digital skills gap costs the UK economy £63bn a year.

The lack of tech talent is a barrier for companies that are set on developing efficient digital value chains. At SheCanCode we develop physical arenas and digital tools to make the attraction, search and matching of diverse technologists and companies more efficient. Stay tuned.


1. We launched Hatch.

A 48-hour innovation hackathon
bringing together 100 diverse students to solve 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. 



Hailed as 'the best hackathon I've ever attended', Hatch London kicked off in November 2017.

100 student hackers and 20 mentors from leading tech companies joining forces at the Ministry of Justice in London, to solve real world problems at SheCanCode’s Hatch London event.

Alongside a diverse group of companies, including DeepMind, XTX Markets and Vodafone, students worked together to develop tech-driven solutions that create a positive social impact.

400 students UK-wide applied to attend the event. The 100 invited hackers represented 28+ universities UK-wide. The final 100 were chosen to ensure we achieved maximum diversity in degree disciplines, genders and technical abilities.

During the 2 day hack,  delegates were given access to some of SheCanCode's diverse pool of mentors. Ranging from software engineers from the public sector and FTSE250 companies, to leaders at some of London’s fastest growing startups like Stripe and Starling Bank

Female_ 53%Male_ 45%Non- Binary 2% (1).png

Sponsors & Partners:

Hatch London is unique for its commitment to diversity being at the core of the concept. 

A great group of sponsors supported the event - Vodafone, DeepMind, XTX Markets, Thread, JP Morgan and the Ministry of Justice.

 "By investing in the future of our tech talent, we are positioning Vodafone at the forefront of digital innovation in our industry globally. Given that our solutions are global, it makes business sense for us to think from a diverse perspective."     
"We are very excited to see the impact of SheCanCode’s event this weekend, and in the future."
Usman Javaid, Head of IoT Customer Solutions, Vodafone

As well as mentoring, our sponsors and partners hosted a series of workshops for the students. The workshops were tailored for those who have not yet acquired technical skills and for those who are more advanced.   

Female_ 53%Male_ 45%Non- Binary 2% (1).png


Hatch 2017 winners.png


2. We launched a job board for women in technology to help women find work, that works. 

Untitled design (8).png

This year, SheCanCode launched a job board. Our job board serves first, our community: as a space where they can look for job opportunities and filter or refine jobs according to their preferences, be it flexible working arrangements, child-care or leadership development training. 

Adding the job board was a natural gravitation for SheCanCode, given that our mission and vision was born out of experiencing recruitment first-hand. Our job board helps us to get one step closer to changing the way women are attracted and recruited into the tech industry.

We have recently introduced an option for jobs to be moderated for gendered language by the SheCanCode team.

Research into gendered language suggests that the way language is used in job ads can, depending on how they are written, reinforce gender stereotypes. As a low-hanging fruit to attracting more women to apply for roles in the tech industry, we are constantly looking for better ways to assess language in job listings, and helping our clients to improve.




Key Stats



3. We kicked off Career Lounges, offering CV reviews + career advisory for top women in tech.


Brussels, here we come! 

This June, SheCanCode partnered with Careers International to offer a career advisory lounge at event: TopWomen Tech. 

Given the success of the event, we were invited back in December to offer career advisory in addition to inviting 10 of the 70+ applicants from our community to travel with us to Brussels to meet potential employers, network with aspiring female technologists and to make the most of this personal development day.

SheCanCode spend the entire day offering 10-min career advisory sprint sessions: helping delegates to navigate their career FAQs, from salary negotiation to CV advice. 

Given that the room is filled with potential employers, having the SheCanCode lounge takes off the edge: it creates an atmosphere wherein delegates feel more confident to explore career opportunities, network with company representatives and ask for advice.

"We help the women to answer any questions they may have, and are a corner of support where they often gravitate to when they feel a bit low or want a boost. 

The best part of the event is probably the fact that the ladies came to learn, and left with lasting friendships. I love seeing the effect of facilitating connections that create kindness, rather than competition."

- Nicole Pretorius, CEO & Cofounder, SheCanCode

Event Partner


4. Invited to speak about our insights, and nominated for Tech50 Network of the Year.


TechWomen50 Network of the Year nomination.

Platforms such as the TechWomen50 Awards are so important to continue the tech industry’s mission for gender parity. These awards shine a light on up and coming emerging talent for the IT sector to see, hire, retain and value.

The TechWomen50 Awards showcase the female pipeline and those who are fighting to move the dial on diversity – exactly what the industry needs to continue building its tech communities.

— BARONESS JOANNA SHIELDS OBE, Prime Minister's Special Representative on Internet Safety

SheCanCode are honoured to have been selected as one of the top 5 finalists for TechWomen50 Network of the Year Award.

Retail Week's Be Inspired.

Speaking alongside Michelle Kennedy, CEO & Cofounder of Peanut; Gill Whitehead, Senior Director of Client Solutions & Analytics at Google; and Alex Hamilton, Head if Insight at Isobar, Nicole represented SheCanCode at Retail Week's Be Inspired 2017 event. The panel took a look at the future innovations every retailer needs to be aware of, and  highlighted what can be done to help encourage more women into a tech-focused career. 

Cambridge Wireless - inclusive innovation.

Cambridge Wireless hosted its inaugural event dedicated to driving diversity and inclusion to foster the growth of new products, services and markets. SheCanCode were asked to speak at the event.

Diversity in Technology conference.

When we attended Diversity in Technology, hosted by Maddox, for the first time in early 2016, SheCanCode was only a side-hustle. This year, we were honored to be invited to speak alongside heads of Diversity and Inclusion and other global heads at Microsoft, Bloomberg, IBM, Vodafone, Facebook, Gumtree, IBM, Softwire, Zealous, Deloitte, Twitter, Qubit, Monzo, Oracle, Lyst, Secret Esacapes, Waze and the Ministry of Justice. 

SheCanCode highlighted why Diversity Matters.

If you want to attend this year, use our discount code SCC15 to get 15% off your ticket cost. 


SheHive Bootcamp

SheHive, run by She Leads Africa (SLA) is a must-attend event for any woman who is determined to build the skills and networks needed to achieve professional / entrepreneurial success. As a platform to brainstorm with like-minded individuals and connect with opportunities on the African continen, SheCanCode were asked to deliver a keynote talk and discussion around inspiring female entrepreneurs at their London bootcamp in October 2017. 

YCombinator Interview.

Beyond reasonable doubt, pitching our soon-to-launch platform to YCombinator, and falling in the top 10% of Winter 2018 applicants was one of our biggest achievements this year. 

We hope to improve and return to the interview panel for Winter 2019.


Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 17.53.17.png

proud to celebrate


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