DevPoint Women in Diversity and Tech Scholarship

We're excited to offer two scholarships for our Full-Time University of Utah ProEd Web Development and Part-Time Web Development classes. We will be awarding 50% off tuition for a Women in Tech and also a Diversity in Tech Scholarship. We're looking for individuals who demonstrate grit, have a passion for learning, and empathy. Previous coding experience is not required, however they're expected to complete all prep work before day one of class.

It's not well known, but computer programming was pioneered by women. From the mid 1800's to 1945 women played a significant role in conceptualizing and developing the computer programming field. Grace Hopper, who served in the Navy, had a breakthrough and built COBOL, the first programming language to use words rather than numbers. It wasn't until the 1980's that women majoring in Computer Science started to decline. We would like to change that. This scholarship is in place to promote more women in computer programming.

Key Info

Locations: Salt Lake City

Ideal For: Web development, UX design

Students always come first, period. It’s our mission to deliver a world class experience while teaching the latest technologies. We strive to improve the quality of life for our students and a better future for our community.

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