Ignite Accelerator

Ignite is the UK’s first distributed startup support and investment network. We help founders from all over the UK take their startup to the next level by providing all the support of a traditional accelerator programme without the need for relocation.

Mentorship, accountability, peer-to-peer learning, investment and preparedness for follow-on investment are all part of our programme, you just get to stay where you’re already operating whilst working with us for a minimum of 6 months.

Our programme has rolling applications. This means that you can apply, be accepted and start to benefit from our support very quickly, without waiting for a new ‘programme’ to start.

You’ll also be joining a 100+ strong family of startups on a mission to build healthy, scalable businesses and support each other in the process of doing so.

Key Info

Locations: London, Manchester, Newcastle, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales

Ideal For: Founding startups from all over the UK