Reboot Accelerator

ReBoot Accel offers a suite of programs throughout the US to get women current, connected, and confident to return to the workforce or pursue new goals.  

The ReBoot Career Accelerator offers an intensive experience to get women ready for reinvention through hands-on learning of current tech, workplace and career skills. ReBoot Connect, a monthly membership program available in cities throughout the US, offers ongoing learning and community with like-minded women in seminars and workshops. ReBoot in 30 is a 30-session online “coach” that arrives via email to kickstart one’s personal reboot. Women get connected to employers who are seeking part-time or full-time talent through the ReBoot Job Board and through the ReBoot Talent Discovery Program.

Key Info

Locations: Online, various cities across the USA

Ideal For: Women who have been out of the paid workforce for more than 2 years.

“I came back from class with my curiosity and senses heightened. I talked to both my girls and they said ‘Mom, you can do anything!’”
ReBoot Accel alum