The Recurse Center

The Recurse Center is unlike the rest of the world. This guide is designed to help you get settled in and get the most out of your batch. One of the things that makes the Recurse Center different is that it's largely self-directed. This means you won't have someone telling you what to do, learn, etc, while you're here (though we do have a few social rules). This self-directedness is baked into the core structure of the Recurse Center, and is why we don't have grades, exams, curricula, or even classes. It comes from our belief that people learn best when given the freedom to explore what most interests them.


The Recurse Center is not a programming bootcamp. RC is a self-directed, educational retreat for programmers. It’s similar to a writers retreat or work sabbatical. Programmers of all experience levels join us in New York to spend one, six, or twelve weeks getting better, however they see fit.

The Recurse Center runs educational programming retreats in New York City. The retreats are free, self-directed, project based, and for anyone who wants to get dramatically better at programming.

You attend RC as part of a group of people, called a batch. Batches start every six weeks, and you can attend RC for either one, six or twelve weeks. At RC, you spend your time working at the edge of your programming abilities in a rigorous, supportive, and friendly environment.

RC is for people of all ages and experience levels. While you need to know how to program to attend RC, we’ve had Recursers attend with as little as six months of programming experience and as much as 30 years of professional programming experience.

Our goal is for RC to be an environment where you can thrive, push yourself, and do great work. RC is self-directed and built to give you as much control over your education as possible. We don’t have teachers or a curriculum, and there’s very little required structure. While here, you’ll pick the projects you work on, the people you work with, and you’ll create or opt into the structure you need to do your best work.