Locations: Online, Chicago (in-person)

Educators First, Developers Second

Actualize is the only coding bootcamp that exclusively hires Lead Instructors who have professional experience in both education and software engineering. Your Lead Instructor is your guide and mentor during the 12 weeks of Live Training, and will directly teach you every concept that you need to know to become a software developer. Because of their expertise in instruction and pedagogy, Actualize is able to teach on a part-time basis what other coding bootcamps take an entire day to teach.

Your Lead Instructor is there for you - both in and out of class - to guide you, celebrate your success, and help you solve some of the toughest problems you'll have ever encountered. Each Lead Instructor is empathic, funny, and engaging, and that is why many of our graduates have told us that their Lead Instructor is hands-down the best part of their Actualize experience.

Day or night classes to conform to your schedule

We offer our signature 12 week course in two flavors. Our Nights-And-Weekends Course, ideal for those who will keep their day job, takes place all-day Sunday and weeknights Monday through Thursday. Our Daytime Course takes place on Monday through Friday during the day. We have separate cohorts for each version of the program.

Learn How To Learn

We believe that teaching people to code is much, much more than dumping students in a room and throwing articles and exercises at them, as is the style of most coding bootcamps. As educator-developers, we study the art and science of teaching people to code with a passion that borders on fanaticism. (Okay, maybe it is fanaticism!)

Our educational approach does not focus on teaching our students a particular language or technology, but instead how to think as a software engineer, with the ability to teach themselves any technology on their own. In fact, the majority of our graduates go on to work with other languages and frameworks than the ones we teach in class.

It is also our educational approach that allows us to teach on a part-time basis what other programs take an entire day to teach. In the words of one student who transferred to Actualize from another program, "You teach the concepts so well that it takes 30 minutes to learn what it took me 5 hours to learn in my previous school."