Mobula's vision is to deliver any native app, in any vertical, in a day. We are creating a new framework delivering best in class fully native mobile apps across both iOS and Android, reducing a development process from months to minutes. Think Wordpress for fully native mobile - we make the building blocks that empower companies to do business on mobile. 

We have two flagship apps of our own - Grabble (shopping/ECommerce) and Popcorn (movies/content) that are multi award winning, app store topping, industry leading products, and we are starting to work with E Commerce clients to deliver their native shopping apps.


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Number of Employees:  10 - 49

HQ Location: London, UK

Industry: Technology









An ever changing ongoing process.... the founders believe in treating everyone as an adult- we have a late start time, flexible gym hours for those that want it, medical insurance, snacks with fully stocked fridge and coffee every day, monthly nights in and out if targets are met, and competitive salary. However because of the nature of the highly technical and challenging task of building an ecosystem, it's a quiet office that's mostly silent aside from the allotted times (meetings, lunches, tea time daily, etc).


It is our belief that, as is proven in society, a diverse workforce is essential if you’re serious about building meaningful products that speak to volumes of users. With that in mind, we have always tried to make sure we stay clear of hiring bias and hiring ‘similar’, and we are proud to say that our team is open minded, diverse and accepting of one another’s differences. Our team of 15 covers all faiths, races, sexualities, and of course gender - and we want to make sure we maintain this commitment as we grow. For us, it’s not a matter of being ‘PC’, it’s a matter of being profitable and successful, and using the insight from data on diverse teams to dictate how we should hire.
Daniel Murray, CEO


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View on Diversity & Inclusion . . .

It's not really something we actively think about, aside from the founders. As a team of 15, 2 are black, 2 are muslim, 2 are jewish, 5 are women, 2 are gay, 2 are Asian, I think it's pretty fair to say that diversity in that respect has come totally naturally. One even has purple hair!

How we cultivate culture of inclusion. . .

The issue we have is that the team are split between those who think social means drinking, those who think there's more to life than drinking, so anything else, those who think hanging with their colleagues is something that should be totally separated from social life, and those who are literally unsociable.... so its pretty hard. We try to do lots to accommodate - for example, one month night out will involve drinking, the next wont. But its hard to keep people happy and motivated, and at the same time - a lot of these things can feel forced and a distraction instead of focusing on getting work done - feel like we spend a lot of time (and even more money) on making sure we have all the basics covered thoroughly and yet we still have issues around how inclusive it 'feels'.

Strategies to increase D&I. . .

Mandatory and Standardized Hiring Tests