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Matching you to opportunities in tech.


Introducing the world's first on-demand career advisory service for women in tech. 

Full-stack? Haven't written a line of code?

Companies in tech want people like you, and we connect you to them - for free.

one platform, infinite opportunities.


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Accelerate your career in technology, today. 


empowering women to enter & remain in tech.

Whether you are just starting out, a seasoned professional or on a career break; in London or San Francisco, our unique matching algorithm gets you connected with personalised recommendations to explore companies, job vacancies, exclusive content & events with some of the world's best technology-driven companies, where you can build a relationship with them even before you interview there  - in a feed collated just for you.

take control of your career. 

Our platform gets you from where you are, to where you want to be.  Customise your career goals and let your personalised career roadmap connect the dots between what you've already achieved and, what you're still planning to achieve: putting opportunities that matters to you, in front of you first. 

find work, that works.

By having a deep understanding of your domain experience, skillset and preferences, we are able to leverage career path intelligence to help you explore opportunities with companies so you can find work, that works.