Our generation enjoys a high degree of education and is lucky to be fairly well off. But there’s an elephant in the room that finally needs to be addressed: we’re quietly struggling with financial literacy.

We’re not here to bash banks or to stick it to the man. We just want to solve a problem that we ourselves encountered. We want to help people get their personal finances in order. Not just savings, not just investments. But everything. Your whole financial life.


key info

Number of Employees:  1-9

HQ Location: London, UK

Industry: FinTech

Website: finimize.com



We’re building Finimize to solve a massive problem: we want to help people get their personal finances in order – not just savings, not just investments. But everything. Your whole financial life.

It all started when we had some savings ourselves and couldn’t figure out what to do with them. Everyone tells you to budget and save. But no one tells you what to do after that. No one explained to you why interest rates matter, how you’re supposed to “diversify” your finances, or what an “emergency fund” is. So we decided we would start with the basics, and launched a daily email to explain these concepts in simple terms as they coincide with financial news.

Since then we have expanded our team, built Finimize MyLife (your free personal financial guide) and grown our community to over 100,000 Finimizers! We want to become the top of mind brand for finance – similar to how Amazon is the top of mind for shopping.  We're founded by a serial entrepreneur (previous company exited with $100m in revenues; Forbes 30 under 30) and backed by some of the world's best investors.

This is what we're building at the moment: finimize.com/mylife 

Our mission is too big for us to be able to achieve it ourselves. Our community is at the center of what we’re doing. They’re global, they’re powerful, and they’re ready for some change.
Max Rofagha, Founder & CEO



Our mission is to be the "go-to" place for finance for our generation. The first step in doing that is fully understanding the problem, and that means representing the audience you aim to serve. For that reason, it is incredibly important we have a rich diversity of experience, opinions and background within our team.

For more information, see the interview with Scott Tindle on SheCanCode.


We want our employees to thrive in an environment that is an open-forum for discussions, feedback and constant improvement. We operate in a relatively flat structure, and move forward as a team. Our leads in charge of hiring have attended workshops on unconscious bias and workforce diversity, and we look to build best practices into our operations wherever we can. Our hiring process is standardised and objectively marked for all roles, and incorporates a number of independent perspectives before deciding on a hire. We have achieved this whilst being a very small early-stage company, and will be looking to improve on this as we grow.


Pay Parity Promise (i.e. Equal Pay for Equal Work Guaranteed)

Mandatory and Standardized Hiring Tests

Self-Managed and Cross-Functional Teams