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London Microservices Meetup

  • Thursday, June 13, 2019

  • 6:30 PM  8:30 PM

  • Revolut (map)

Our sponsors:
- Revolut (https://www.revolut.com)
- Tecknuovo (https://www.tecknuovo.com)
6:30 pm: Arrive, food & drinks, networking
7:00 pm: Brief introductions
7:05 pm: Reliability in Microservices: fake it until you make it by César Luis Alvargonzález (Revolut)
7:45 pm: Quick 5-minute break
7:50 pm: Robots and Food by Orfeo Nicolai (Karakuri)
8:30 pm: Finish, networking
We're big supporters of Meetup Mates: https://meetup-mates.com. If you would like to attend this meetup but you feel overwhelmed by the idea of going and networking by yourself, Meetup Mates is a great way to connect with like-minded people to go to meetups with!
Reliability in Microservices: fake it until you make it
César Luis Alvargonzález, Revolut

Leaving the monolith behind is a blessing, but distributing the architecture comes with some challenges and new approaches that should be taken into account. This talk will cover the different reliability patterns and techniques to be considered while developing microservices.

Key takeaways:
- Overview of reliability patterns and anti-patterns
- Deep dive in a subset of them, and see some examples of when to use them

César Luis Alvargonzález is a Senior Software Engineer currently working in Revolut as part of the platform team. Before that, he was working for Zalando in Berlin developing and operating the microservices landscape from the checkout team.
Robots and Food
Orfeo Nicolai, Karakuri
At Karakuri we build robots for the food industry. I would love to share a peek into our decentralised architecture and how the different robot components interact and communicate with each other. As the physical world is quite I/O heavy and we have build our robot in a modular way. A microservice based architecture was the right call.

Key takeaways:
- RabbitMQ as message broker
- TypeScript/Node.js for our microservices
- Hardware components with REST APIs

Orfeo is a computer scientist with almost 20 years of industry experience. He has a double Masters degree in Innovation Design Engineering and is the course leader of the robotics course at the Imperial College Global Summer School. He works as Head of Software at Karakuri, a robotics startup. They just secured a seed funding round led by Ocado.