Careers at Shecancode

We're a young and fast growing company, always on the lookout for top (diverse) talent.  If you are inspired by SheCanCode's mission, we'd love to hear from you. 


design + technology team

So you love to code or design

We're currently building a SaaS platform to better serve our community, corporate and social partners, and require an enthusiastic software development team to assist in its success. The stack? It's Ruby on Rails with Postgres on the back-end, and React.js + JS on the front-end.  UX/UI is HTML, CSS with LESS/SASS and jQuery.  If you're passionate about problem-solving with technology, have an eye for design and tend to think out the box, then you've got nothing to lose.


tech + diversity blogger

Everyone has a voice.  We choose to use it. 

Our tech + diversity blog is only as good as it's contributors. We're a team of 30+ diverse bloggers from all over the world, that write passionately about all things tech, diversity and inclusion. The reason?  In order to bring about change, we need change agents. Brand ambassadors with strong opinions, loud voices and convincing arguments; that work together to raise awareness for equality in the tech industry.  


operations team

In addition to our blogging and technology teams, our operations team are responsible for

  • Research 
  • Marketing + Communications
  • Strategic Partnerships 

We're looking for ambitious, self-starting, tech-loving, pro-diversity humans that are driven by our mission and inspired by the work they will be doing.