Why I Love Being A Tech Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur is always exciting. But in the rapidly changing world that is the technology industry, its something else...

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Today, I'm sat drinking a delicious cup of coffee at a lovely café I have stumbled upon, next to fresh cut flowers and listening to Natural Woman by Aretha Franklin while I write these words . Sometimes I sit here, sometimes I sit at my apartment, though I've learned that I'm far less productive in the comfort of my own home. How long it took me to come to this self-realization is slightly embarrassing! Sometimes I sit in a co-working space where the sounds can range from people speaking French on their conference-call to people chattering and laughing while passing around a 6-pack of beer.  One of my favorite aspects of being a tech entrepreneur is that I'm able to work anywhere that has a Wi-Fi connection - and sometimes even that isn’t a necessity. This means wherever I feel like being that day is where I get to work. This is crucial because I don't have a boss whose job it is to make sure I get my work done. My ability to work whenever-wherever so long as motivation and inspiration strike has to be at the very top of my list of what makes me love my job. 

My flexible work schedule also means that my team and users are global. Anyone can find my company and use our services. From day one this has always been one of the most exciting aspects for me. I get to write an article or create a service and someone in Spain, Germany, Argentina and everywhere near and far get to be our users. The same goes for hiring people for the Babette team; I am not limited by my location or access. We are all able to work on our own projects separately and a simple Skype conversation brings us all together.  I truly believe that building a community that is globally inclusive makes a company better at being globally minded.

Being in tech means that we are building a service that does not currently exist or we are improving the current model. We are constantly creating. Writing articles, adding pages, making design changes, easing the process, fostering relationships, thinking of how we can improve what we do. There are not too many fields that embody the idea of growth and innovation quite like tech. As someone who loves change and the entire process of new challenges, there's no better field to be in. Tech is evolving at a rate faster than we can comprehend which means there is always a new challenge, new model and new problem to fix. Boredom does not exist.

Finally, the thing that I love most about being a tech entrepreneur is also the thing that is by far the most difficult: There is no instruction manual. The thing that ties so many successful tech companies together is that they broke all the rules. Airbnb, Google, Facebook, Apple, Netflix, they all broke the status quo. There is no one path to getting to the end. For most, there is no one true end. It is all about the small victories: a successful article, a placed intern, a new advertiser, a new partnership, those are the real measures of our industry. Being able to get excited about these small successes that shine a light on your own personal path is a feeling that is second to none. And keeps the ship moving forward.


Follow Olivia:  LinkedIn  |  Babette Travel

Follow Olivia: LinkedIn | Babette Travel

As a recent graduate from University of Wisconsin, Madison with degrees in International Studies and Communication, becoming a tech entrepreneur was never in Olivia Wisden's  game plan.  After several international internships her goal of medicine was out and a new and much less definitive goal was in: traveling and helping others experience the world. Since graduation, She has founded and built my own company, Babette Travel, that provides the resources for interns to plan and find their own amazing international internship.