What David Guetta and Celine Dion Teach Us About Digital And Cultural Transformation

Can mixing it up have positive effects on us all?

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In the current digital arena, there is a lot of debate around clashing cultures. Traditional banks vs FinTech – the ‘Old’ vs the ‘New’– Jamie Dimon vs Satoshi Nakamoto. But my question is… Is clashing really the right term here? Or should we maybe just think about it more like a “mash-up”.

The most prominent example of mash-up is probably what’s currently happening in the music industry and is strictly what a lot of DJs do. In a nutshell, you take the vocals of one song and place the instrumental backing of another over them. Let’s say, you take the vocals of a Celine Dion song and then David Guetta adds some funky tunes. By doing so, you change it up, introduce a new genre and thereby are able to cater for an entirely different audience. 

So what’s the lesson learned? Did you pay attention?

A) You can’t ignore the rise of digital. You have to embrace it if you want to stay relevant. At the same time, you need to accept that the ‘legacy’ elements of the industry form the foundations for everything you do. 

B) To cater to the ever-changing markets, collaboration seems the way forward. And this doesn’t mean replacing one thing with another but looking at how things can be best combined to accommodate new consumption trends. 

C) Even if genres or styles seem at first sight too far apart, it does not mean that they can’t work together. As long as you keep an open mind and are willing to change and adapt, it can be done.

But, where to start?

Well, an organization is a collection of individuals, just like an orchestra is formed out of various different instruments. If you want them to be in tune, it means that everyone understands and listens to each other.

One way to achieve a culture where everyone is synced up and has a voice is reversed mentoring. It’s a program where junior members of staff mentor senior executives. So like Celine Dion getting down with the kids through Guetta. Strictly it is reciprocal mentoring, as I am sure there are a hell lot of things Guetta could learn from Dame Dion.

Point being, this is about far more than just educating a different generation, but it will also help to create a diverse culture that encourages everyone to speak up and understand how mutually beneficial these collaborations can be.

So, let’s mash it up.



By Claudia Coppenolle, Head of Market Management, Digital Cash Products, Deutsche Bank.

As well as being Head of Digital Market Management for Digital Cash Products at Deutsche Bank,  Claudia runs various “Diversity & Inclusion in Digital” projects within and outside the bank and is a business mentor for HATCH, one of the UK’s leading community enterprise charities helping to turn start-ups into sustainable and scalable enterprises.

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