Recruitment industry: TAKE NOTE!

Unconscious bias & its dangers

Blind spots in the recruitment industry

I.        Would you see value in having a dedicated team of recruiters to help females navigate the market? (i.e. for clients to know to come to your network specifically to find the best female candidates)

II.       How do you think recruiters could better help them to do so? (i.e. how to reach-out to them, maintain/stay in touch with them/consult with them regarding career progression, etc.)

i.    Further, do you think that there is a conflict of interest here?

ii.   If so, how do you think this conflict of interest can be countered?

III.     How do you think recruiters could go about finding the most talented women in the industry? 

There are other ways to test and understand soft skills/culture of both client and individuals.

  • Mob Programming
  • Pair Programming
  • Emotional Intelligence testing

By having a deeper understanding of the client and the culture, the people so that you can better understand what they are looking for, and subsequently meet a candidate and know where they will best fit flexible working hours making sure parents have parking spaces creating a culture of flexibility and support paternity and maternity leave career absence and reintegration programmes