Problem-solve THIS!

A.    Which companies are uplifting/promoting equality in the workplace?

i.    How are they doing this?  (I.e. are they hiring more women than before? Are they instilling a policy/quota of how many women they need to hire? How do they enforce this policy? Do they have targeted recruitment/networking events specifically for women? Have they committed to paying women in the same role the same salary? Do women have the same hiring bar as men?)

ii.   How do they measure this? 

iii.  Is this enough? Are their measures purely superficial or are they fundamentally changing perceptions and making an impact?

A.    What is the value that companies whom do promote/uplift women in the industry see as the ‘value’ in doing so?

iv.  Are they doing because of how they might be perceived?

v.   Are they genuinely getting better solutions/making better products?

vi.  Are they being incentivised to do so?

B.    Why aren’t more companies doing this? Startups vs. big corporates.

C.   What other groups (private, public, NGOs) are doing something about it? E.g. CodeFirst for Girls and other initiatives?

vii. What are their main motivations to do so? (i.e. are they being incentivised?)

viii.                Who is funding this?

Nicole Pretorius